Red Sox Game 79 Recap: 5th in the AL East, first in our hearts.

Highest WPA: Eduardo Rodriguez, .220
Lowest WPA: Tommy Layne, -.152

I, like many of you no doubt, predicted disaster when the team headed to Toronto this week. After all, the last time the Red Sox played the Jays, at home, they got utterly slaughtered. A four-gamer in Toronto wasn’t the sort of followup that any of us might’ve wanted. Any of us who were still watching, anyway. So here they are, having won the first two games of that series. With pitching, no less! I can’t explain baseball some times. Maybe some of those long fly balls shouldn’t have died on the warning track. Maybe Toronto’s pitching isn’t good enough to last them all year. Maybe Jose Bautista has something against the people who sit in the outfield bleachers.

Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a home run tonight for crying out loud, you can’t expect that. Either we chalk these two nights up to a fluke, accept that maybe Buchholz and Rodriguez are good enough pieces to build around for the future, or just accept that the Jays did something to aggravate the baseball gods enough to keep them out of the playoffs for 21 years running. One of those is probably the answer!

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Bruins trade Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic for draft picks.

So many draft picks.

Hamilton went to the Calgary Flames for the 15th, 45th, and 52nd overall picks in tonight and tomorrow’s draft for Dougie Hamilton. Sorry to see ya go, Dougie! Apparently the Bruins tried to resign him but it didn’t work? That sucks because he was pretty good. This team has had an unsettling recent habit of trading defensemen that they could’ve used in hindsight, hope that doesn’t happen again! (It’s going to happen again)

At the same time, they sent Milan Lucic to the LA Kings in exchange for the 13th overall pick, goaltender Martin Jones, and Collin Miller. I suspect maybe the Kings wanted the Bruins to take some stuff off of their hands in exchange for that one. Anyway, Lucic was a good player who never quite lived up to those Cam Neely comps but still belonged as a top-line dude. He fell off last year and the Bruins probably thought it was time to cut bait after a year where the whole squad had trouble scoring goals.

So are these good moves? I don’t really know. Hamilton was awfully young and this team is going to need young defensemen really soon. Lucic, I could sort of take or leave. He always seemed like he was ready to start actually scoring, and then he…….. didn’t. I guess in the long run the Hamilton deal has a lot more potential to be the regrettable one. Let’s hope it isn’t! Let’s hope these picks actually turn into something.

Red Sox Game 73 Recap: Wins feel good, even when you’re in last place.

Highest WPA: Clay Buchholz, .187
Lowest WPA: Pablo Sandoval, -.097

Maybe even moreso when you’re in last place, because at least then they’re a break from the normal misery? I mean, let’s think about this: winning is fun and losing isn’t. If I could, I’d win at everything because winning is fun. But I can’t, which is why winning is such fun when you aren’t doing it so much.

Oh, uh, the game. Right. So the Red Sox failed to score until they fell behind by a run, which in 2015 is usually a sign that we’re all going to get kicked square in the dicks for another night because this team finds one-run deficits impossible to overcome for some stupid-ass reason. Instead they put up five runs in a single inning (!), David Ortiz hit the ball like it was 2005 and not 2015, and the team strolled to an easy victory. Everyone left with injuries, but they should be fine. Oh, and Clay Buchholz looked like Ace Clay Buchholz and not Human Dumpster Clay Buchholz. I don’t even know what I should say.

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Red Sox Game 72 Recap: Joe Kelly

Highest WPA: Hanley Ramirez, .117
Lowest WPA: Like I even have to tell you it was Joe Kelly, -.261

Mean? Maybe. But almost halfway through the season I think we can all say that Joe Kelly has more or less shown what he’s capable of and it’s nothing more than a big, hot fart. I don’t know what the Hell the Cardinals’ front office told Ben Cherington about this dude but whatever it was I have to guess that it was a real knee-slapper. The Red Sox lost by a three-run home run he surrendered to a dude with a career .668 OPS and started the homestand off on a super-down note. Should I really think “well, we could’ve won this game if it weren’t for our horrible starter”? For some reason I think not but a guy like Joe Kelly makes me think that every time he pitches for some reason.

I think at this point we can all just accept that Joe Kelly sucks. The way this is going though he’s probably going to crank out a random no-hitter in a start or two and guarantee a rotation spot for another month or three at which point he will continue to be awful. Count on it.

Oh, incidentally we sent Steven Wright down to Pawtucket so that we could give more major league action to…….. Justin Masteron. Fucking fuck.

PS: Mookie was adequate.

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Red Sox Game 69 Recap: Nice.

Highest WPA: Eduardo Rodriguez, .126
Lowest WPA: David Ortiz, -.072

We hit into five double-plays, last I checked. We had bullpen trouble thanks to Robbie Ross Jr, who is creating a bad name for Robbies everywhere, as well as Steven Wright, who I love and none of you shall besmirch. But we still won thanks to a five-run second inning and quite comfortably on the road against a very good team. What else is there to say? Eduardo Rodriguez is back to being a very good pitcher that the normally shrewd Orioles gave up for a rental. Hanley Ramirez is hitting again. Dustin Pedroia is hurt, at least enough to miss a few games. We have that to be negative about here at the Nerds at least.

I can’t complain. I mean, about this game in particular. I can complain about other stuff though. Stuff like not having another left-handed pitcher to rely on in this team’s rotation. That sort of thing.

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Red Sox Game 68 Recap: We can win games too, looks like.

Highest WPA: Clay Buchholz, .226
Lowest WPA: Hanley Ramirez, -.078

So those brief moments when everything actually works, those are cool, aren’t they? I mean, Clay did give up a leadoff double to the first batter of the game. That didn’t feel too good. Then he committed a two-run error by motioning David Ortiz back to first base and then tossing the baseball over his head later in the game. But aside from that, they looked good! Like a professional baseball team and not professional instagram-browsers or whatever the Hell the latest scandal is all about (I know what it’s about, I’m just pretending not to care). It’s nice when they can do that.

I won’t complain about a victory. Everybody looked good tonight, even Mookie Betts, who hit baseballs tonight. And the ever-surging Brock Holt, who is better than most of the crap this team likes to send out nowadays. Let’s hope it keeps up! Because losing stinks and being the only team in this division who aren’t within a game or two of first is even worse.

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Red Sox Game 61 reaction: I…I just…

June 12, 2015 Leave a comment

No, wait, here’s a better image.

Or, if you prefer:

I mean…at some point, you just run out of words, right? Matt Barnes is competent enough. Junichi Tazawa is good. Tommy Layne probably doesn’t suck. Did that matter tonight? Of course not.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the Red Sox offense scored eight runs and the game was still in striking distance for the Blue Jays because Joe Kelly sucks. He gave up four runs in six innings, which sucks, because he sucks. Barnes and Tazawa and Layne all had worse nights, but Kelly sucks, and if someone who didn’t suck had started then none of those three guys would have been called on in the first place.

Positives. Okay. Eight runs! Yay! Pablo hit a homer! Mookie hit a homer! Pedroia hit a homer! Ortiz had two hits! Rusney had two hits! And…okay, that’s it for positives. Eight runs and they lose by five. Christ.

A hundred and one more games of this crap. For fuck’s sake.

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