Bruins Game 60 Recap: The Bruins offense is as effective as Roman Reigns is at making me like him.

February 25, 2015 Leave a comment

That stunk. The Bruins had a lot of chances and “played well”  but just didn’t get the puck in the net. Where have I heard that before, except after every single game this season? I can’t help myself. What else can you add after another loss like this one? The Bruins can’t put the damn puck in the net. Most nights you see highlights of teams putting pucks into the net with mid-range slapshots and no screens. Then you see Bruins crash the net, take the goalie down, leave the net entirely unguarded and still manage to either miss the cage or shoot it directly into whatever players are still lying around the crease. Over and over again. It seems like there’s no way they can blow their latest opportunity and then they do.

It doesn’t help at all that just before he missed his second game, it was revealed that great scorer and good hockey player David Krejci was going to miss between a month and six weeks with a partially torn ligament. Will wonders never cease? At least this means he’ll have around a week to warm up for a possible playoff run? Anything could happen! Maybe even a win! The Bruins try it again for the 61st time on Friday in New Jersey. Tune in. Hell, get tickets. It’s the Devils’ arena.

Bruins Game 59 Recap: Uh….. so this was a fluke, right?

February 23, 2015 Leave a comment

The Bruins haven’t been able to beat anyone on this road trip. Not anyone. Sure they’ve had leads at some points during the trip, but they weren’t holding any of them. They lost against one of the worst teams in the league, they hadn’t really played like a convincingly good team in longer than it’s possible to remember, and they were in Chicago to face one of the best.

So of course they won. Not by a little either, this thing was over by the second intermission. Mistakes that would’ve normally utterly killed the Bruins this year were completely swept under the rug by the team’s play ike it was back in all those years past where they cruised through the regular season like it was some sort of training camp for the playoffs. Sure Tuukka Rask just barely took a boneheaded delay-of-game penalty with less than five seconds to go in the 1st that lead to a goal off of the ensuing faceoff. And sure he accidentally axed Kris Versteeg in the leg during his traditional post-goal tantrum to instantly earn another penalty, but the Bruins actually survived it. And added more goals afterwards to ensure that any future mistakes didn’t cost them the game. And held off the opposing offense. On the road. I mean, what is going on here?!

Well, whoever these Bruins are, I hope they stay around because they are way more fun to watch than the team that can’t score and can’t defend and can’t goaltend and probably double-parks the team bus so it gets towed. They come home for a Tuesday night game against Vancouver. Is something actually going to come of this? Tune in!

Bruins Game 58 Recap: Okay I’m pretty sure that this is rock bottom, you guys.

February 21, 2015 Leave a comment

Well,  that sure was a bad game. The Bruins had an actual lead tonight, which might surprise you. But of course it was not to last, as nothing else really went Boston’s way after they scored their first (and only) goal of the night. Malcom Subban let in three horrible-looking goals, got pulled from the game in the middle of the second period, then went back in to replace his replacement Tuukka Rask in the third period after Rask himself gave up two more. In the meantime the Bruins somehow held the Blues to 15 shots all night and still lost 5-1. How does something like this happen? I mean, I watched it and I still don’t know.

So that’s all I can really say. The Bruins have been in a holding pattern pretty much for the last two weeks. Suck on the ice, stir up noise about minor trades happening, and then suck on the ice again. What else can be taken away until they actually do something? The next game is on Sunday afternoon in Chicago. How will that go? We’ll see. Um, Chicago? Yeah, they’re pretty good at hockey.

Bruins Game 57 recap: Is this what rock bottom looks like?

February 19, 2015 Leave a comment

So whatever. Trade rumors flying, the Bruins playoff spot slowly slipping away and a three-game losing streak to start this five-game road trip with two more games against two of the best teams in the league. And a loss against the second-worst team in the NHL. Not to mention that the only thing that prevented a win tonight was the baffling failure to score even once in 12 shootout rounds before a random Oiler whose name appears to have already been lost to time put a puck past Tuukka Rask. Thinking about it a little more, maybe rock bottom is going to come after those games against two of the best teams in the league.

I can’t make this sound nice. The Bruins are still in the playoffs, assuming that they started today. They’re playing horribly though and it seems as if that’s going to continue until something changes. Whatever that change happens to be won’t be known for days, perhaps. Or we’ll all wake up to the news that half the team has been shipped off for spare parts. At this point some sort of “look guys we’re doing something” move is inevitable, when and what that move turns out to be is up in the air. Like I said though, they just lost their third straight game of this road trip to the second-worst team in the league.

The Bruins will try it all again against the Blues on Friday night. Maybe their luck is bound to change for at least a night? We can hope.

Bruins Game 55 recap: Pitchers and catchers report next week.

February 14, 2015 Leave a comment

Too dramatic? I mean yeah I was saying “don’t sell the farm” as recently as Tuesday so it probably is too dramatic. But tonight the Bruins didn’t just lose, they didn’t just lose badly, they quite literally shot themselves in the foot. Twice. I distinctly remember peewee soccer coaches drilling it into my head that passes up the middle were a horrible idea. So of course both Dougie Hamilton and Dennis Sidenberg made those passes and they both turned into Vancouver goals. Dougie is young, I get that. But Sidenberg? Defense is your whole game, man. I mean geeeeeez. Geeze, you guys. Geeeeeeeeeeez. You guys.

Then there were two other goals and empty-netter. That was the night, pretty much. Ouch. An abortive comeback here and there but the Bruins never lead and who really cares? No, the season isn’t over after a wreck like this one. Our greatest threat to missing the playoffs is the Florida Panthers right now, so let’s wait and see how that goes (they lost tonight, by the way). The trade deadline is coming up in around two weeks. Will the front office spin some magic? Will anything happen? I sure hope that something does. The next game is in Calgary on Monday at 9. The Flames are a good team, so the Bruins have another tough one ahead of them. And it’s not like we get to see the Flames every week anyway. Tune in.

Bruins Game 54 Recap: Yikes.

February 11, 2015 Leave a comment

Well, it would probably be presumptuous to say anything about what the last week means for the Bruins’ season. They’ve had ups and downs all year and they clearly aren’t the team that they were last season or the year before for whatever reason. Too young? Too slow? Too………… I don’t know, unable to score? Maybe I’m just frustrated watching Tyler Seguin play for the other side. Can we base our opinion of the team on one bad stretch? It seems as if the same issues the club has had all year are costing them games again.

It’s no fun watching them give up a shorthanded goal on a five-minute powerplay. It’s no fun watching them give up another later on. There were lots of ugly little moments during this game, but at least there were some moments we can be happy for? There was a comeback. There were some signs of life at least. That’s just the story of this year’s Bruins it looks like, they do well but just don’t seem like a complete team. Like they don’t appear to have any clear cut advantage over their opponents like they did in the past. They aren’t deep enough or experienced enough. They do have young players, of course. And they have some talented veterans. But the young players don’t seem quite like they’ve figured out enough to win at the highest level and the veterans can’t do it all on their own. Maybe in a year or two it all starts to work out?

Anyway, the team heads out on a long two-week road trip to meet a lot of very tough opponents (and the Oilers). Will this be a make-or-break sort of trip? Probably, to tell the truth. They need those points and this is a long road swing. First up is the Canucks on Friday night. Vancouver is just barely holding onto a spot in the west, much like the Bruins are in the east. How will this turn out? I don’t know, tune in!

Bruins Game 49 Recap: Unofficial second half begins with official win.

January 30, 2015 Leave a comment

For their first game in over a week, tonight wasn’t a bad effort by the Bruins at all. They beat the best team in the conference on the road and they did it in style. The usual “bad second period” did arrive to haunt them though, so that hasn’t changed much. But they recovered handily and won by a multi-goal margin for what feels like maybe the first time ever. Tuukka Rask was a huge part of it, playing as if he was going to win the game on his own for much of the contest and making a few highlight reel stops. Of course he couldn’t win on his own, goalies never can. But wow, actual Bruins offense, you guys. When the Islanders tied everything up, the Bruins just added more goals and…… won. Wow! I like that.

Tonight was the last regular-season visit the team ever makes to Nassau Coliseum, home to Vince Russo’s ego and, uh………….. some intermittent Islanders success. The place was kind of, old, I guess. So maybe it’s time to see it go. What a shame! I never visited it myself, although I’ve been lucky enough to see MSG once and whatever they called New Jersey’s old building. The Meadowlands? Um……. let’s go with that. Anyway, the next Bruins game is on Saturday night against the defending champion Kings at home in Boston. The Bruins haven’t been back in two weeks. How will this one go? Beats me. Tune in.


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