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Bruins Game 60 Recap: Ow.


Take talk of “scheduled losses” and cram it. I hate that sort of talk. I hate losing too, and I really hate losing at home to a team like the Blue Jackets. That win on Saturday against the Stars was impressive, yeah. But then the Bruins fell back into that old annoying habit of playing at their worst when you’d least expect it. Why are they so bad at home, anyway? I can’t find a reason.

So maybe a few questionable replays by the officials aside, the Bruins didn’t really look very good at all. The Jackets pulled away towards the end and made the end of the game feel almost unwatchable. Now you really have to worry what’s wrong with the team going into the trade deadline. Personally, I can’t think of any area of immediate improvement that they need. More scoring? More, uh, depth? Um…. uh……. something?

Anyway, the next game is Wednesday against the Penguins, who are also scraping for a playoff spot as it would happen. Will the Bruins recover enough to knock them off? We can only hope!

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