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Bruins Game 68 Recap: A net gain!


Wins like this one would probably mean more in the postseason, where your “standings” mean nothing and picking up a win in overtimemeans your team gets to live to play another day. But for a regular-season game, this was a top-notch victory. Unlike their southern neighbors, the Lightning have no issues putting together a team or drawing a crowd to watch it. Under these conditions, the Bruins and Lightning battled for 60 scoreless minutes. Then Brad Marchand ended it in overtime. Quite the thriller, I’d say. Maybe the best game the Bruins played all year? Close, at least.

It’s really nice that the team is beginning to peak in March instead of October like they did in some seasons. It gives you confidence that they can keep this up into May, or even June? That sure would be nice. The Bruins attempt to “keep it up” Thursday night at home against the Hurricanes. Tune in!


Bruins Game 67 Recap: That was, uh, something.


What we saw Monday night was not a pretty victory. It was not a clean victory. But it was a victory and it got the Bruins into the running for the division lead on Tuesday night. Never thought we’d be saying that, huh? Well, the Habs’ collapse is our gain folks. Claude Julien passed Art Ross to take control of the franchise’ all-time coaching wins record. Congratulations, Claude. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand continued looking really good. Jaromir Jagr even passed Gordie Howe on the all-time league scoring list, so it was a decent night for both sides.

It was very nearly a bad night for the B’s though, they scored four in the first and then seemed to lose it the moment the Panthers switched goalies to start the second period. The blew that lead in the third and you feared that maybe they wouldn’t hold on in OT, but somehow they did. And I was starting to hate 3 Vs. 3 overtime, too. Silly me. Lee Stempniak scored the OT winner, making me feel even smarter for liking the way that overtime ended.

The next B’s game is tonight, in Tampa, for the division lead. The Lightning also played on the road tonight, so there isn’t a rest advantage there. The Bruins can take 1st place with just a single win Tuesday night, so tune in!

Bruins Game 54 Recap: I will accept that.

February 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Bruins54Yeah, I meant to recap Tuesday’s game. But, uh. I forgot. Don’t blame me! It was a game better off forgotten. The B’s had an awful lot to make up for tonight if they wanted to keep the attention of the city of Boston, with Spring Training almost here and, uh…… curling being on television? Yeah I don’t know. So they needed to beat the Jets tonight, no question about it.

To their credit, they sure did beat the Jets. The first period was a little shaky, they played distressingly like the team that lost on Tuesday night. They blew two leads and boy, that wasn’t much fun to watch. Then Brad Marchand scored a highlight-reel goal and sudddenly, suddenly things were okay! The Jets started playing like the confused, desperate team and the Bruins took advantage to carry the last two periods. Winnipeg pulled their goalie with five minutes remaining for some reason and the B’s ended it awfully early. What a treat! I liked that.

The next Bruins game is Saturday afternoon at 2:00 against Minnesota. The Wild… aren’t having such a great year. Hope the Bruins can “capitalize” and all that!

Bruins Game 29 Recap: Momentum is bullshit.

December 15, 2015 Leave a comment


The Oilers just won their 6th game in a row, this one against the Bruins. Why is momentum bullshit? The Bruins outplayed them soundly through most of the game, holding them without a shot for almost the entire second period and still only managed two goals and an overtime loss. That’s a pretty good indicator that momentum amounts to luck more often than not.

Uh, still, we lost, so that sucks. I can’t even remember the last Bruins regulation loss though so we can all at least rest easy knowing the team is on a long point streak and probably playing their best since the season began. Oh wait, I just said that momentum is bullshit, didn’t I? Uh, well, the Bruins were probably never as bad as they were at the beginning of the year. They probably aren’t as good as they’ve been recently either, but uuuhhh….. it’s more fun than just straight losing?

The next B’s game is Wednesday night against the Penguins. There’s been some recent drama in Pittsburgh and Phil Kessel is headed back to the Garden in another new uniform. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Bruins Game 27 Recap: Okay, I’ll take it.

December 10, 2015 Leave a comment

bruins27I didn’t expect that to happen. We’re horrible against the Habs, horrible in Montreal, and still probably not that good of a team. Not to mention that they’re really good this year. But instead they collapsed in front of their home fans, they have all the explaining to do and we get away with two points. Two regulation points, kids. We didn’t even hear that stupid victory song when they were ahead in the third period. What can I possibly complain about?

The Bruins played remarkably well too, I can’t really call this a fluky win even if I want to because I’m paranoid. They brought the game to the Habs all night and were reaching that point where you felt frustrated that they hadn’t managed to put one past Condon all evening (Carey Price is dead). Thank goodness for shorthanded goals I guess.

I’m so happy this game turned out this way. The Bruins have looked like a competent NHL team lately. How long could this last? Let’s enjoy it while it does. Their next game is Saturday afternoon at 1 against the Panthers. We should hope they keep this up.

Bruins Game 20 Recap: On the way to respectability.

November 24, 2015 Leave a comment


Two contests with the Leafs, two victories. Am I complaining? Nope. Any of you out there still pushing the “blame Tuukka” narrative can ditch it because he reached a season-high in saves tonight and managed to shut Toronto out both in 3 Vs. 3 overtime (with a Leafs power-play, no less) and during the shoot-out. I say “ditch the narrative” a lot, don’t I? I hate narratives, that’s why.

Speaking of overtime, that format really does lend itself to scoring chances, doesn’t it? I like it.

So, two straight wins against a divisional rival. Now it’s on to the Wings tomorrow night, who are also our divisional rival. We have a lot of rivals. Hope the Bruins can pull it together on a three-games-in-four-nights swing. Tune in.

Bruins Game 14 Recap: Still undefeated at Barclays Center.

November 9, 2015 Leave a comment

We have that to rely on, at least. The Bruins remain undefeated in two (2) whole contests at the Islanders new home in Brooklyn. Good for them! They had to make it interesting though, barely scoring enough to win and managing to nearly blow it with bad penalties once again. The suddenly much-maligned Tuukka Rask did a good job of keeping the team in the game all night long, and came away with the road win the night after the team suffered an embarassing loss in Montreal. What can I say?

Winning is fun. Losing is not. They won tongiht, maybe I don’t want to ruin the experience by talking about it too much. Lots of discussion of the Bruins “young team” tonight on the broadcast. Seguin, Hamilton, blah blah. Whatever. Let’s pretend for the next three days. The next Bruins game is on Thursday, at home, against the Avalanche. Colorado is not having a good time of it so far. Hope for good things!