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Bruins Game 54 Recap: I will accept that.

Bruins54Yeah, I meant to recap Tuesday’s game. But, uh. I forgot. Don’t blame me! It was a game better off forgotten. The B’s had an awful lot to make up for tonight if they wanted to keep the attention of the city of Boston, with Spring Training almost here and, uh…… curling being on television? Yeah I don’t know. So they needed to beat the Jets tonight, no question about it.

To their credit, they sure did beat the Jets. The first period was a little shaky, they played distressingly like the team that lost on Tuesday night. They blew two leads and boy, that wasn’t much fun to watch. Then Brad Marchand scored a highlight-reel goal and sudddenly, suddenly things were okay! The Jets started playing like the confused, desperate team and the Bruins took advantage to carry the last two periods. Winnipeg pulled their goalie with five minutes remaining for some reason and the B’s ended it awfully early. What a treat! I liked that.

The next Bruins game is Saturday afternoon at 2:00 against Minnesota. The Wild… aren’t having such a great year. Hope the Bruins can “capitalize” and all that!

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