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Bruins Game 67 Recap: That was, uh, something.


What we saw Monday night was not a pretty victory. It was not a clean victory. But it was a victory and it got the Bruins into the running for the division lead on Tuesday night. Never thought we’d be saying that, huh? Well, the Habs’ collapse is our gain folks. Claude Julien passed Art Ross to take control of the franchise’ all-time coaching wins record. Congratulations, Claude. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand continued looking really good. Jaromir Jagr even passed Gordie Howe on the all-time league scoring list, so it was a decent night for both sides.

It was very nearly a bad night for the B’s though, they scored four in the first and then seemed to lose it the moment the Panthers switched goalies to start the second period. The blew that lead in the third and you feared that maybe they wouldn’t hold on in OT, but somehow they did. And I was starting to hate 3 Vs. 3 overtime, too. Silly me. Lee Stempniak scored the OT winner, making me feel even smarter for liking the way that overtime ended.

The next B’s game is tonight, in Tampa, for the division lead. The Lightning also played on the road tonight, so there isn’t a rest advantage there. The Bruins can take 1st place with just a single win Tuesday night, so tune in!

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