Bruins Game 50 Recap: Well, we’re back, I guess.

February 3, 2016 Leave a comment


Between you and me, I didn’t like that very much! The Bruins blow a late multi-goal lead against a bottom-five team and lose in overtime. At home. What the Hell happened? Someone ought to tell me. They appeared shaky through the game, sure. It never seemed quite like the Bruins had the game sewn up until a quick flurry of goals early in the 3rd appeared to change things around. Then they failed to hold that lead and who cares what happened afterwards? I mean, they got a point but who really cares?

The Bruins try again on Thursday against the Sabres, whom they have blown exactly zero leads against this season. Tune in. Do it.


Bruins Game 49 Recap: Well thank goodness for the All-Star break, I guess.

January 27, 2016 Leave a comment


Eeek. Why let Jonas Gustavsson even get into uniform if he was in that sort of condition? Why do anything? After a loss like this one, I don’t even want to think. The Bruins swapped goalies like it was a preseason scrimmage and it didn’t do any good. They limped past the unofficial halfway mark (49 is a lot more than 41, after all) and just sort of collapsed. I don’t want to analyze that. The funny part? They scored the first goal. That’s kind of nice.

Now Gustavsson has a week to recover and the rest of the team has a week to, I don’t know, also recover. Third game in four days, folks! I don’t think anyone felt too well after that. Wish it hadn’t ended this way but at least there’s another game next Tuesday. Let’s look forward to that.

Bruins Game 48 Recap: Sorry about your football sport I guess.

January 26, 2016 Leave a comment


So the Bruins nearly got screwed over, they gave up a goal that a coaches’ challenge failed to overturn but managed to salvage a regulation win late in the 3rd. Nearly got caught in the same ‘ol trap there. Things like that suck. But Brett Connolly got one into the Flyer net with less than two minutes remaing and the Bruins escaped late penalty trouble to win in regulation and take all of the points. Boy, does that feel good.

The next Bruins game is….. well look at that, today against the Ducks. Anaheim isn’t looking so great this year but that Pacific division is wide open folks. The B’s, meanwhile, are just four points out of first place and might want to take advantage of that fact. Tune in! I want you to.

Bruins Game 45 Recap: Schadenfreude Central.

January 19, 2016 Leave a comment


I don’t like the Habs. I mean I do, but uh, when it comes to playing them or interacting with them, I don’t. That’s how rivalries are, folks! I like you, but I hate you. So it feels good to beat them so badly that they get booed off the ice in their own building. Word has it, Montreal is so bad that the team actually has one of the worst records in the league since November 1st. So this feels good.

The Bruins started to dominate as the game went on. That’s not to say that it wasn’t close at one point, but as the game wore on the B’s started to pull away like you always wanted them to during that last losing streak. And the Molson Center is such a horrible place for the Bruins to play too, did something happen? Michel Therrien’s job might be looking a little questionable now. Or it has been for a while. Whatever. It’s hard to peer through all the neuroticism in Canadian markets.

Anyway, the Bruins won. Patrice Bergeron passed Cam Neely on the team’s all-time scoring list. Both teams did a tribute to Denna Laing before the game, and are auctioning off their game-worn jerseys for her. Good things all around! The next game is against the Canucks at home on Thursday. The Canucks are not good. Will things continue to work out? Tune in!

Bruins Game 43 Recap: Take that, other teams.

January 17, 2016 Leave a comment


This was a rough stretch for the Bruins. Am I ready to say they’re coming out of it? No, not until/unless Adam McQuiad and David Krejci come back in time to help the team make their playoff push. But two wins in a row is really nice, right? The Bruins actually looked like a competent team again tonight, and it’s hard to mind that the winning goal came on a peewee-caliber pass by Toronto goalie Johnathan Bernier right to Brad Marchand. I can take that, I like winning. Winning is okay in my book. They even escaped a goal that was overturned on the narrowest of offsides calls. Who would’ve expected?

So, two wins in a row. On back-to-back days. That’s good, right? I like it. More wins would be good in the future. The Bruins get two days off and then play the Habs, in Montreal, on Tuesday. Oh boy, oh boy. Won’t that be something? Tune in.

Bruins Game 41 Recap: I Don’t Want To Think About It.

January 14, 2016 Leave a comment


That’s two, TWO! third period leads the Bruins have blown in short fashion and broken my heart along with them. How depressing. I can’t really explain much more than that. What’s going on here, is it anything besides some bad luck? I mean, the Bruins are still missing David Krejci for an unspecified amount of time and Adam McQuaid is now gone too. Maybe they’d put the B’s over the top in games like this? I sure miss them, I can tell you that.

The third-period collapses are sure to stop on Friday night against the Sabres, whom if you’ll recall the Bruins suffered their worst collapse of the entire season last time the teams met. Tune in! Fun awaits.

Bruins Game 40 Recap: Oof.

January 12, 2016 Leave a comment


Not much to be proud of there, is there? The Bruins gave up two in the third and lost. What a night. Oh boy. On the other hand, games are always tight between the Bruins and the Rangers, as you no doubt saw on the graphic. So maybe it has something to do with the goaltending? I’m honestly just guessing. Maybe there’s something to be proud of in a sort of average effort. Wins would be nice!

Anyway, the next game is Wednesday night against the Flyers. My memory might be failing me but I don’t think either team likes the other one. Who knows?