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Bruins Game 67 Recap: That was, uh, something.


What we saw Monday night was not a pretty victory. It was not a clean victory. But it was a victory and it got the Bruins into the running for the division lead on Tuesday night. Never thought we’d be saying that, huh? Well, the Habs’ collapse is our gain folks. Claude Julien passed Art Ross to take control of the franchise’ all-time coaching wins record. Congratulations, Claude. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand continued looking really good. Jaromir Jagr even passed Gordie Howe on the all-time league scoring list, so it was a decent night for both sides.

It was very nearly a bad night for the B’s though, they scored four in the first and then seemed to lose it the moment the Panthers switched goalies to start the second period. The blew that lead in the third and you feared that maybe they wouldn’t hold on in OT, but somehow they did. And I was starting to hate 3 Vs. 3 overtime, too. Silly me. Lee Stempniak scored the OT winner, making me feel even smarter for liking the way that overtime ended.

The next B’s game is tonight, in Tampa, for the division lead. The Lightning also played on the road tonight, so there isn’t a rest advantage there. The Bruins can take 1st place with just a single win Tuesday night, so tune in!


Bruins Game 81 Recap: ……….

April 10, 2015 Leave a comment


The Bruins have one game left to play, against Tampa on Saturday. They are one point behind the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have two games left to play, and two points behind the Ottawa Senators, who have one left to play.

That’s the way it is!

Bruins Game 76 Recap: Just when I think I’m out…..

March 31, 2015 Leave a comment

Woah. Wow. Woah. What was that the Bruins just did? A heartening regulation win against a team they’re trying to stave off for a playoff position, and they did it with a 3rd period comeback? Next you’re going to tell me they nearly blew it but held on. I mean come on dude. Are we on a winning streak too?

Oh, but the Bruins did all that. Milan Lucic is a hero, David Pastrnak is a sub-hero, and Tuukaa Rask is…….. well, I remember him being pretty good. Safe bet. As for the Panthers, well………. gee, this is sad. Yup. It sure is. I’d love to make room for a team as hard-pressed for success as Florida, but, um, oh well.

The next game is on Thursday against the Red Wings. The Bruins can’t clinch a spot, yet, but gee, it would be nice to get a little closer! Tune in.

Bruins Game 72 Recap: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeergh.

March 22, 2015 Leave a comment

You know, I can’t help the feeling that the Bruins are a better team than this. That’s all! Like they’re a player or two away from being what they were last year. And that’s with Krejci healthy, because I know that he’s out right now. But whatever, you go to war with the army you have blah blah. Everybody probably wishes they’d score more and that includes me. As it stands, we still have the lead in the last wild card spot so the hope of reaching the postseason lives on! It would just be nice if they’d score. And win! They have two more games left against the Panthers too, so it can still get better. Tell yourself that. Tell yourself that over and over.

The next game is, well I’ll be, it’s tomorrow at 5 (keep that in mind, it’s at 5) against the Lightning in Tampa. What fun. Tune in!

Bruins Game 14 Recap: See? I told you everything was fine.

November 5, 2014 Leave a comment

The New And Improved Florida Panthers TM were in town tonight, and you know what that means, right? It means the Florida Panthers got to play in front of actual fans.


But you know, it’s been a long first month or so for the Bruins too folks, so you’d hope that maybe the weaker teams like the Panthers would help the B’s tread water until their captain returns and sets everything right. But like I said the Panthers are new and improved TM with the return of old goaltender Roberto Luongo and the addition of young players from all those draft picks that came from all those bad seasons and they are an actual team this year and not dudes running out the clock for a check or a trip to a better franchise.

So instead of blowing them out the Bruins played a close game with a low-scoring team that leaned on it’s goaltender at times but otherwise played good defensive hockey for most of the night. Scoring chances came and went, things went to overtime and then at the last moment Brad Marchand finally put a puck past Luongo to end things and put the Bruins on top. A good result. Any way you can get a win these days.

The next game is on Thursday against the Oilers. Andrew Ference has been suspended for attempting to decapitate someone so he won’t be there, but the rest of the team will! So watch that.

Bruins Game 52 Recap: TIM THOMAS SMASH

January 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Hey, way to prove me right in calling you a dick Timmy. Tonight Tim Thomas surrendered six goals to a suddenly surging Bruin offense and retaliated by hitting Carl Soderberg in the head with his stick and making a crack about preferring to watch the State of the Union Address afterwards. Always a wit, that Tim Thomas. Anyway, the Bruins scored six goals on their ex-netminder and never trailed or held a lead that was less than two after the first period. Milan Lucic scored two of the first three, and received a hat shower when the audience mistakenly assumed that he’d been responsible for all three after the second passed him on its way to the net from Chara’s stick.

The only hope of a Panther comeback fizzled out when the Bruins scored their fifth of the night eight minutes into the third period. The rest of the game was pretty much a cakewalk for Boston until the sixth puck went into Thomas’ net and he decided to take out his rage by decapitating Soderberg. He received a high-sticking penalty for his tantrum and will probably at least be considered for a suspension, so no good deed is going to go unpunished. A bad overall effort by the Panthers who look to be awful and directionless this year while the Bruins put another easy win on the board and crushed a team they by all means should have. Next up the B’s take on the Canadiens on Thursday, who happen to be on a bit of a downward spiral after losing four of their last five. B’s/Habs games are always fun and drama-filled, so make sure to tune in!

Bruins Game 15 Recap: The Bruins play a game.

November 8, 2013 Leave a comment

So Tim Thomas refused to visit the White House for the team’s Stanley Cup celebration because the President is an evil socialist and he literally tried to sit out last season on the grounds of “I don’t feel like it,” but Tyler Seguin is bad for trying to score goals and Thomas is a hero because Stanley Cup. Okay. Seguin was on that team too but whatever.

Thomas and company were in Boston for a game tonight that was probably more important for the Bruins than the Panthers even with five full months left to go in the season. The B’s haven’t played “Bruins hockey” much this year, so it was time for them to give themselves an emotional boost and bust out of a season-long team-wide slump against an opponent that’s probably already thinking about golf in April. Tim Thomas himself didn’t play tonight, missing the game with a “lower-body injury” and taking his mustache to the upper-deck with the other Panthers who weren’t dressed for this evening. The Bruins themselves didn’t seem to show up for much of the first period, allowing the Panthers plenty of time in Boston’s defensive zone and just generally not dominating a bad team like you’d think a current conference champion should.

That changed when David Krejci’s slap shot from the blue line went into the Florida net midway through the 2nd and broke a scoreless tie. The Bruins seemed like a different team from then on, forcing the issue against the Panthers and building a three-goal lead in the third period to put the game away for good. Jessie Winchester prevented a shutout when he got a rebound past Tuukka Rask with five minutes left, but that was all that the Cats could get done as Boston shut the game down from there on and won their ninth contest of the season. It was a huge turn-around game for the B’s, bad opponent or not, as they shut down the opposing offense in typical Bruins fashion and managed to use strength and tenacity to their advantage. The next Bruins game is against the Maple Leafs on Saturday, who haven’t played in Boston or against the Bruins since they fell flat on their faces in Game 7 last season and are probably really angry at us right now. It should be an interesting meeting, do watch.