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Bruins Game 68 Recap: A net gain!


Wins like this one would probably mean more in the postseason, where your “standings” mean nothing and picking up a win in overtimemeans your team gets to live to play another day. But for a regular-season game, this was a top-notch victory. Unlike their southern neighbors, the Lightning have no issues putting together a team or drawing a crowd to watch it. Under these conditions, the Bruins and Lightning battled for 60 scoreless minutes. Then Brad Marchand ended it in overtime. Quite the thriller, I’d say. Maybe the best game the Bruins played all year? Close, at least.

It’s really nice that the team is beginning to peak in March instead of October like they did in some seasons. It gives you confidence that they can keep this up into May, or even June? That sure would be nice. The Bruins attempt to “keep it up” Thursday night at home against the Hurricanes. Tune in!


Bruins Game 82 Recap: rip rip im sorry

April 12, 2015 Leave a comment

After the Penguins beat the Sabres and clinched the last playoff spot, well, there was no real point in playing this game. Other than giving some ticketholders what they came to see, anyway. The season was over, the Bruins (fittingly) lost in a shootout, and that was that. Three points out of the playoffs after a three-game losing streak ended the season. That’s that.

As we look back on this season, what will we remember? I seem to recall telling people (not just you) that I wasn’t afraid for this team. Last summer seemed to indicate that this team was possibly in rebuilding mode, what with the exodus of their top goal-scorer and Veteran Presence Jarome Iginla and the lack of any suitable replacement on the cheap. “Money-saving mode” doesn’t usually indicate contention in the near-future. But the core that took the team places was sure there, and it seemed as if they could be counted on to take the Bruins to the top of the standings just like they had one short season before.

Too bad that didn’t work out. I sure as Hell don’t want to see another Simon Gagne on this team next year. Goal-scoring was a huge problem for this team all year long and it sure made the whole “defensive hockey” ideal look foolish when there were no leads to defend. Then came the injuries. Important players like Zdeno Chara and David Krejci went down for months at a time. The team’s big deadline acquisition Brett Connolly went down before he played even a single game. Were people playing hurt all year? Possibly.

But more than anything else, as the year drug on and onwards there was the feeling that maybe the team was too old, that the core that got them to the promised land so often in the late ‘aughts was past its prime and that the young talent that the team had picked up in the meantime wasn’t ready to help quite yet (or it was playing in Dallas). There was that agonizing west-coast trip through Canada that probably ended the season. There was the failure to beat the Habs even once. There was me being one behind on the number of games played for much of the second half of the season. Oh, there was so much. I was there, I was there. I was usually there.

There were a few bright spots on the new talent front, as David Pastrnak emerged from the minors to display the sort of goal-scoring talent that the Bruins seemingly haven’t had since…….. well, I can’t remember them having someone like that. Ryan Spooner finally stuck in the bigs and kept scoring there, oddly enough whilst paired next to Pastrnak. Maybe this is a combination they should keep together instead of trading one or both off the moment they offend the Jacobs family? We can dream.

It’s possible that this was a planned rebuilding year from the start, such things are almost inevitable in a salary cap league. Maybe what we got was just a worst-case scenario, it sure felt like one. If there’s one thing this team needs to focus on for next year, it’s on scoring some actual goals. I mean, duh, right? It would be nice if the feeling that this team has no idea how to score went away. It would also be nice if September were here. No wait, no it wouldn’t, I love the Summer and baseball. And I need a breather from this team anyway. Watch the playoffs! I’ll see you in the fall. Or during the draft.

Bruins get Brett Connolly for people who don’t exist yet.

Well, that’s a trade! The Bruins have officially picked up winger Brett Connolly from the Lightning in exchange for a 2nd-round draft pick this year and another one next year. Connolly has 11 goals and 3 assists this season, which might not sound so hot until you realize that’s pretty par for the course for this Bruins team. Maybe even slightly above average. Depressing! In slightly better news, he lead his minor league team in points and goals scored last year. So maybe there’s some room for improvement?

There’s still time to go before the deadline wraps up this afternoon. This deal alone didn’t compromise the current NHL team’s roster, but things aren’t done! So we’ll all just sit back and wait for that mega-deal that probably won’t happen (shhhh, I’m trying to reverse-jinx it).

Bruins Game 44 Recap: I really like winning.

January 14, 2015 Leave a comment

Overlook a few cheapshots by certain Tampa players and this was an excellent game for the Bruins. They scored a lot, looked good doing it, and won another game against one of the best teams in the east. Better yet, they looked like the Bruins teams of years past who won games by muscling past their opponents and dominating the ice instead of searching for opportunities and taking whatever brief success they could find. Of course you have to credit a lot of that to David Pastrnak, the team’s 1st-round choice in the 2014 draft (there, now you don’t have to look it up) who scored his first two goals of his career on Saturday in Philadelphia and added his next two tonight. They were fancy goals too, the type that the B’s just haven’t scored very many of this year.

Now there is the small matter of Lightning players repeatedly punching random Bruins in the face, apparently it isn’t a penalty when you take a swing at Zdeno Chara or drop your gloves and attack David Krejci. Or did that one go for a two-minute minor or something? I don’t know! NHL refs are funny, something you might find relatable if you watch the NFL or something. Anyway, the Bruins won. There’s that. Will this continue? I dunno. But they finally look like a good team now and not one that can’t find any sort of lasting success. They try it all again on Thursday against the Rangers at home. Will they keep pulling this off? We’ll find out!

Bruins Game 63 Recap: Don’t forget about daylight savings, dudes.

Tonight shorthanded goals, bad calls, and some bad luck haunted the Bruins for three periods. The B’s missed out on a third period goal on a “dead in the head” call where the referee had decided to blow the whistle but…. hadn’t. So the goal was disallowed. Figure that one out. The Lightning were in top form all night and actually never trailed in the game. The Bruins on the other hand failed to get a shot on goal through the first fifteen minutes of the game, at least managing to keep Tampa off of the board during that timespan. The Bruins had to score in the third period to avoid their first loss against the Bolts this season, which is probably better than they could’ve expected given the way the game had gone to that point. The disallowed goal probably cost the Bruins a regulation victory and handed Tampa an extra point, but at least it didn’t end the game.

Then came the shootout. The two teams were entirely unable to score against each other through six rounds. Tukka Rask looked incredibly sharp throughout, only needing the help of a goalpost in the seventh and deciding round. The returning Steven Stamkos made an appearance in the second but failed out out-dance Rask.  Ryan Callahan was a Ranger when the Bruins were in New York last weekend, but this weekend he failed to score in the fourth round as a member of the Lightning. Things finally went Boston’s way when Reilly Smith finally put a shot past Ben Bishop and mercifully ended it. This marked the first victory of the season where the Bruins were down by two or more goals, surprising considering their position at the top of the conference.

Next up is a game against the Panthers tomorrow night at five, which Jack Edwards seems to think is against league rules or something. Tune in, if you’re awake.

Bruins Game 17 Recap: Steven Stamkos died today (Spike Dudley did not).

November 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Veteran’s Day is on a Monday this year. Yeah, who would’ve guessed it? Well, that meant afternoon hockey for the Bruins and lots of patriotism from the team and the broadcast. But honestly, all anyone is going to want to discuss is what happened to Steven Stamkos in the second period. In trying to get back to defend his net, Stamkos got caught up with Bruins defenseman Dougie Hamilton and lost his balance, and the two of them crashed into the goalpost. Stamkos apparently struck the post with his right shin and fractured his tibia, attempting to skate off before collapsing to the ice and requiring a stretcher to get him mobile again. The latest reports are that Stamkos will require surgery tomorrow and may miss up to six months. Obviously that puts him out for the entire regular season and probably the first two rounds of the playoffs, assuming that the Lightning make it that far.

There was a game in between the Lightning player deaths. Patrice Bergeron, himself no stranger to horrific injuries, had a very good game once again, scoring the only goal the Bruins would need just shortly after the Stamkos injury before Daniel Paille added another just seconds later. Tuukka Rask had another solid outing and picked up his second shutout of the season with 28 saves. All in all a good outing for the Bruins, ignoring what truly is a tragic injury for the league as a whole. Stamkos had been tied with Sydney Crosby for the league lead in points before the day began, and was probably on his way to another season as one of the league’s brightest young stars. The Lightning were at the top of the division under his play, and while it’s hard to argue that one player alone could be responsible for the team’s success, it’s still a huge blow to the team’s season to lose their best player until possibly next year.

In the meantime, the Bruins’ next game is on Thursday night against the once-again terrible Columbus Blue Jackets. Will the Jackets remain awful against Boston, or will their luck finally change against the Bruins? Damn, I hate hyping stuff. Makes me feel lame. It’s hockey, watch it you squares.

Bruins Game 1 Recap: We’re back, jerks.

October 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Hope Summer went well for you.  Did it? The Red Sox did much much better than expected so if you read this blog then the answer to that question is probably “yes.” The Bruins were also having themselves a pretty good Summer too, up until the point where they lost the Stanley Cup and had to go home and think about it for three months. But now the leaves are changing, the weather is getting shittier, and hockey is back. Time for revenge and all that, and who better to pummel this week than a team from Tampa? Yeah, I thought so.

If you predicted that Chris Kelly would score the first Bruins goal of the year on a penalty shot, you’re probably a damn psychic. It was the first penalty shot of Kelly’s career and he managed to deke Anders Lindbäck as if he’d been doing it for years.  Brand new “we couldn’t get him at the deadline but then we signed him as a free agent” acquisition Jarome Iginla didn’t tally any points in his Bruins debut, but he did take exception to a hit by Radko Gudas in the second period and fought him to a standstill, which automatically makes him popular with hockey fans who love grit and effort and junk like that.

The Bruins battled out of penalty trouble in the second and third periods and managed to hold onto the lead in spite of dealing with two separate 5-on-3 situations. Eventually Patrice Bergeron scored an unassisted goal during a 4-on-3 situation to put Boston up by two for the rest of the game. Back at last, the Bruins won their first game of the year and look like the same strong team that finished last year with a championship almost within reach. It’s going to be a long winter, so, you know,, watch hockey.