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Bruins Game 54 Recap: I will accept that.

February 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Bruins54Yeah, I meant to recap Tuesday’s game. But, uh. I forgot. Don’t blame me! It was a game better off forgotten. The B’s had an awful lot to make up for tonight if they wanted to keep the attention of the city of Boston, with Spring Training almost here and, uh…… curling being on television? Yeah I don’t know. So they needed to beat the Jets tonight, no question about it.

To their credit, they sure did beat the Jets. The first period was a little shaky, they played distressingly like the team that lost on Tuesday night. They blew two leads and boy, that wasn’t much fun to watch. Then Brad Marchand scored a highlight-reel goal and sudddenly, suddenly things were okay! The Jets started playing like the confused, desperate team and the Bruins took advantage to carry the last two periods. Winnipeg pulled their goalie with five minutes remaining for some reason and the B’s ended it awfully early. What a treat! I liked that.

The next Bruins game is Saturday afternoon at 2:00 against Minnesota. The Wild… aren’t having such a great year. Hope the Bruins can “capitalize” and all that!


Bruins Game 1 Recap: See below.

October 9, 2015 Leave a comment

I don’t quite know what to say. Sure, Chara and Sidenberg were both out, but the Bruins are a team, you know? Maybe the team should’ve won this one, not Chara and Sidenberg. The Don Sweeney era is most certainly not off to a good start. Grit and toughness don’t exactly impress when you give up a billion goals and look like a minor league squad after the first intermission. They staggered through this one disturbingly like they did last year, playing well through the first period, then turning to garbage in the second. This time however, they utterly fell apart when third period rolled around and were pretty much target practice until the end of the game. What can I say? Who can analyze a trainwreck? I guess that’s someone’s job, analyzing actual trainwrecks, but analyzing this disaster isn’t mine. I do this for……. fun? Where does the fun in this come from?

So I hate to ask how long any of us are going to put up with this tripe. The team got objectively worse over the summer and they’re already hurt. The front office’s chatter was all about doing things that have almost no shot at working and so far this team most certainly did not turn lead into gold on night one. Not to mention that Hamilton is gone forever and Rask can’t single-handedly save every game. Will we even pay attention to this season past December? How long until Sweeney and Neeley are both gone? Who the Hell knows, but guessing seems like the only fun we’re going to have this go-round.

Or not. It’s the season opener, folks!

Bruins Game 33 Recap: 234388th verse, same as the first.

December 20, 2014 Leave a comment

Great effort, no offense to show for it and a loss. Haven’t we seen this before? I think we have. The Bruins essentially dominated the last two periods and had only one goal to show for it. At this point, this stuff is somewhere between funny and not-funny. Hilarious and agonizing. Unpleasant and revolting. It stinks. I hate it. We all hate it. It didn’t help that the Bruins got a delay-0f-game penalty before anyone had even sat down for the first period and gave up the first goal of the night shortly afterwards.

So it’s not fun to see great efforts that result in nothing as far as the standings are concerned. With the team finally getting healthier, shouldn’t some offense be expected? I don’t think that’s so much to ask. Patience is required I guess. The next game is on Sunday night against the Sabres, because we’re doing games on Sunday nights now I guess. The Sabres aren’t actually playing nearly as well as their recent record would suggest, will decent play actually lead to victory on Boston’s part this time around? We can only hope.

Bruins Game 28 Recap: I’m from Winnipeg you idiot.

March 20, 2013 Leave a comment

The Bruins’ habit of collapsing in the 3rd period has to be wearing on people by now. Last time we talked about the team, one of the main subjects was about how understandably antsy the home fans were when the team failed to finish off the lowly Panthers. Now that we’re back from the hospital stay we received after saving the inhabitants of a burning orphanage (it was torched by Al Qaeda), things seem the same as they ever were. Boston held a one goal lead going into the third, a fluky goal at that, and couldn’t hold it. Blake Wheeler (remember him?) scored on a power play with just over eight minutes left to tie things. Evander Kane put the Jets on top just 57 seconds later as the crowd went mental. Even though Boston tried from there on out, Wheeler added an empty net goal to end the contest.

Boston probably couldn’t expect to win a game on the road after manging only a single goal. But this still meant another blown third period lead for the Bruins. The NESN commentators like to cite statistics about how many games the Bruins won with a two-goal lead or how many games the team won with a lead going into the third period last year, but that just serves to highlight this sort of loss. Was that sort of unbeaten streak unsustainable? Well, probably. But this recent trend of coughing up late leads is a real problem for a defensive-minded club like Boston. These sorts of things just shouldn’t happen to this team. Injuries have become a problem for the Bruins recently, but these issues go back weeks and don’t seem to be tied to any sort of individual player.

They try to fix things (again) on Thursday in Ottawa. Do tune in.

Bruins Game 13 Recap: They say if you remember Friday you weren’t actually there.

February 18, 2013 Leave a comment

The Jets haven’t had much of a problem attracting fans since the team moved  back to Winnipeg two years ago. Maybe because there’s not that much to do there? Anyway, the Bruins haven’t won in the Jets’ building since the team headed there from Atlanta. After Friday’s somewhat traumatic collapse, maybe fans could be forgiven for worrying a little about this game.

But maybe the cause for alarm was unfounded? The Jets were on a three-game home losing streak and haven’t really been that good this year. When they took the lead for the second time in the second period, Boston responded with a goal a mere twenty five seconds later and with a second and a half remaining in the period to tie things up before the second intermission. As soon as the third got underway, Brad Marchand was tripped during a rush towards the net and earned Boston a power-play, although Marchand complained that he could’ve been awarded a penalty shot. It didn’t matter too much however, as he was the one who capitalized on the advantage less than half a minute later to give Boston it’s first lead of the night.

Winnipeg pressed for the rest of the game. With less than a second remaining a shot trickled across the goal mouth and from at least the standard television angle appeared to cross the line. However, replays showed that not only did the puck not reach the net before time ran out to end the game, but also that it in fact never crossed the goal line. Boston got away with its first win of the road trip, and now has to take a long flight all the way down to Tampa to face the Lightning on Thursday.