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Bruins Game 45 Recap: Schadenfreude Central.


I don’t like the Habs. I mean I do, but uh, when it comes to playing them or interacting with them, I don’t. That’s how rivalries are, folks! I like you, but I hate you. So it feels good to beat them so badly that they get booed off the ice in their own building. Word has it, Montreal is so bad that the team actually has one of the worst records in the league since November 1st. So this feels good.

The Bruins started to dominate as the game went on. That’s not to say that it wasn’t close at one point, but as the game wore on the B’s started to pull away like you always wanted them to during that last losing streak. And the Molson Center is such a horrible place for the Bruins to play too, did something happen? Michel Therrien’s job might be looking a little questionable now. Or it has been for a while. Whatever. It’s hard to peer through all the neuroticism in Canadian markets.

Anyway, the Bruins won. Patrice Bergeron passed Cam Neely on the team’s all-time scoring list. Both teams did a tribute to Denna Laing before the game, and are auctioning off their game-worn jerseys for her. Good things all around! The next game is against the Canucks at home on Thursday. The Canucks are not good. Will things continue to work out? Tune in!

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