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Bruins Game 39 Recap: That was fun.


You know what it’s nice to do when the team is down? Find a weaker team and clown the bejezus out of them. That’s not nice, I know, but this is pro sports and clowning other teams is pretty much what you’re hired to do. So on Friday night the Bruins met the Devils in Newark and pretty much took them to the woodshed in front of a crowd that might have been significantly weighted in their favor.

The B’s never really seemed threatened outside of the lone Devils goal in the second period. Other than that they seemed like the team in charge, fighting back constantly and playing nothing like a team missing three of it’s most important members. Brad Marchand is due to return Saturday night, incidentally. That should be nice.

Oh, uh, this is the franchise’ 3000th win too, I guess? That’s cool. I totally didn’t realize. The next Bruins game, like I said, is tonight. The Senators and the Bruins, um, haven’t been friendly lately. One wonders how that’s going to turn out. Tune in!

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