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Bruins Game 36 Recap: Okay.


The team played well enough during that losing streak. Well, except for the Buffalo game, yeah. I don’t know how to explain that one. That being said a losing streak is just that and nobody’s going to be too happy with the quality of play if the results still show losses.

So tonight the B’s took it all out on the Senators, one of the perpetrators of said losing streak and also a team threatening to catch them in the standings. They didn’t make it look very secure after two periods, holding on by just a goal and needing insurance to wrap it all up. Then the floodgates opened up late in the 3rd, Jimmy Hayes landed a late hat trick, and both sides reacted by punching each other in the face until half of each team was thrown out of the game. I like that kind of contest after a losing streak.

Anyway, the next Bruins game is Friday afternoon and outdoors. Whose idea was that? Tune in.

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