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Bruins Game 29 Recap: Momentum is bullshit.


The Oilers just won their 6th game in a row, this one against the Bruins. Why is momentum bullshit? The Bruins outplayed them soundly through most of the game, holding them without a shot for almost the entire second period and still only managed two goals and an overtime loss. That’s a pretty good indicator that momentum amounts to luck more often than not.

Uh, still, we lost, so that sucks. I can’t even remember the last Bruins regulation loss though so we can all at least rest easy knowing the team is on a long point streak and probably playing their best since the season began. Oh wait, I just said that momentum is bullshit, didn’t I? Uh, well, the Bruins were probably never as bad as they were at the beginning of the year. They probably aren’t as good as they’ve been recently either, but uuuhhh….. it’s more fun than just straight losing?

The next B’s game is Wednesday night against the Penguins. There’s been some recent drama in Pittsburgh and Phil Kessel is headed back to the Garden in another new uniform. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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