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Bruins Game 27 Recap: Okay, I’ll take it.

bruins27I didn’t expect that to happen. We’re horrible against the Habs, horrible in Montreal, and still probably not that good of a team. Not to mention that they’re really good this year. But instead they collapsed in front of their home fans, they have all the explaining to do and we get away with two points. Two regulation points, kids. We didn’t even hear that stupid victory song when they were ahead in the third period. What can I possibly complain about?

The Bruins played remarkably well too, I can’t really call this a fluky win even if I want to because I’m paranoid. They brought the game to the Habs all night and were reaching that point where you felt frustrated that they hadn’t managed to put one past Condon all evening (Carey Price is dead). Thank goodness for shorthanded goals I guess.

I’m so happy this game turned out this way. The Bruins have looked like a competent NHL team lately. How long could this last? Let’s enjoy it while it does. Their next game is Saturday afternoon at 1 against the Panthers. We should hope they keep this up.

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