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Bruins Game 25 Recap: Pretend it’s 2011?


The Bruins and the Canucks have their history. They play on different coasts, sure, but they both met in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final that resulted in Vancouver burning to the ground while Boston held an enthusiastic but respectful celebration. So they know each other.

The Nucks, it looks like, are in the middle of some sort of rebuild because tonight the Bruins stomped on them early and easily and wound up smothering them to death as the game went on. The Bruins haven’t had many games like that this year, so it’s hard to find any negatives in a contest like that. We can try though, Adam McQuaid had to leave after taking a wrist shot to the arm (if you don’t know what that means you must be new to this sport). Currently his status is “unknown” so hold your breaths. Meanwhile, Brad Marchand got speared in the dick late in the third, which is unenviable. He’s okay though, as far as anyone knows.

We won! 4 out of 6 on a road trip through western Canada. I won’t complain. Next up are the Predators, at home, on Monday. Should be fun.

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