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Bruins Game 21 Recap: Happy Franksgiving.

unccmwsThe Bruins won a game they probably shouldn’t have won tonight. It all evens out, right? Right? No, it probably doesn’t. We stole one in overtime, the game after we snuck away with one in a shootout. I can live with that.

Frank Vatrano is sure making a name for himself all of a sudden, scoring both a goal in the 1st period and the game winner in OT. Does this mean that he’s the prospect the team has been looking for since the departures of Seguin and Hamilton? Haha, no. But it’s a nice story. Here’s hoping he makes the most of a career in the NHL.

Colin Miller got the other goal late in the 1st, making good on the Bruins’ threat to stay around and make the Wings regret not putting the game away. That’s the sort of victory it’s really fun to watch, isn’t it? The Bruins took advantage of the other team’s inability to finish a win and got away with two points. I like that.

The next B’s game is against the Rangers on Friday at 1 PM. Maybe watch it instead of beating people up over cheap Christmas gifts? Just a thought. It’s on NBC because big network is going to casually slide back into showing hockey before the NFL playoffs end in two months. Thanks guys.

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