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Bruins Game 13 Recap: Blame the goalie? Sure, why not.

So that “blame Tuukka for the shitty team in front of him” thing is apparently both real and a growing issue? Good to know, everyone. He wasn’t in net tonight, but the Bruins lost anyway. I wonder if that’s still his fault? Probably, if you ask any of the wiseacres who seem to have settled on him as the problem with this team. The B’s actually fought hard for most of the game. Surprising, I know! Then they took a penalty at the worst time, as opposed to Thursday when they just took penalties, constantly. Lost the game, lost the tie, lost everything. Fuck it!

So that’s another embarrassing loss for the year. We had momentum at one point, looks like that’s gone again. But this team looked pretty damn bad from the start, so we’ve pretty much gotten what we could’ve expected from this year so far. False hope followed by a crushing return to reality. What a team. What a sport.

The Bruins’ next game is, ooh boy, today at 5 against the Islanders. Tune in, the Bruins are undefeated at the Barclays Center (they’ve only played there once).

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