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Bruins Game 1 Recap: See below.

I don’t quite know what to say. Sure, Chara and Sidenberg were both out, but the Bruins are a team, you know? Maybe the team should’ve won this one, not Chara and Sidenberg. The Don Sweeney era is most certainly not off to a good start. Grit and toughness don’t exactly impress when you give up a billion goals and look like a minor league squad after the first intermission. They staggered through this one disturbingly like they did last year, playing well through the first period, then turning to garbage in the second. This time however, they utterly fell apart when third period rolled around and were pretty much target practice until the end of the game. What can I say? Who can analyze a trainwreck? I guess that’s someone’s job, analyzing actual trainwrecks, but analyzing this disaster isn’t mine. I do this for……. fun? Where does the fun in this come from?

So I hate to ask how long any of us are going to put up with this tripe. The team got objectively worse over the summer and they’re already hurt. The front office’s chatter was all about doing things that have almost no shot at working and so far this team most certainly did not turn lead into gold on night one. Not to mention that Hamilton is gone forever and Rask can’t single-handedly save every game. Will we even pay attention to this season past December? How long until Sweeney and Neeley are both gone? Who the Hell knows, but guessing seems like the only fun we’re going to have this go-round.

Or not. It’s the season opener, folks!

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