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A Nation Rejoices: Cherington out as GM

You read that right. The man who traded an All-Star (and two other guys) for nothing, who built three last-place teams in four years, who went into 2015 with a starting rotation of Clay Buchholz and four guys who aren’t as good as Clay Buchholz, who steadfastly refused to trade even the fringiest of prospects, and who also kinda built the team that won the World Series two years ago, is gone!

And in his place is Dave Dombrowski, a guy who actually knows how to build and run competent baseball teams, rather than just knowing how to make friends with guys who do. A guy who once found someone stupid enough to trade something of value for Rick Porcello! (Granted, that someone was Ben Cherington, but, details.)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that 2016 is suddenly a bright and shining beacon on the horizon; if ownership won’t let Dombrowski offer David Price all the money in the world, then I don’t know how he’s going to get the frontline starter this staff desperately needs. Or the #2 starter this staff desperately needs. Or the #3 starter this staff desperately needs. Or the…eh, Miley’s okayish.

But what it does mean is that there’s hope for something different. Like maybe not running Joe Kelly out there every fifth day, when it’s clear to just about everyone who has eyes that he needs to be a reliever. Or maybe not handing Jackie Bradley a starting job again, which I was pretty convinced was going to happen this winter. Or maybe not clutching ever so tightly to the likes of Blake “Who needs Cole Hamels when you could have a .633 OPS” Swihart. All of those seem like fairly simple, competent moves, but after four years of Ben Cherington, it’s amazing how great competent looks.

Sportspun might offer a slightly more objective, analytical take at some point. Maybe. For now:

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