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Red Sox Game 97 Recap: And exhale.

Highest WPA: Xander Bogaerts, .350
Lowest WPA: Pablo Sandoval, -.202

So that losing streak got all the way up to eight games. We finally know this after every media outlet told us so after tonight’s game ended, because I hadn’t bothered counting and was in fact developing a hard outer shell so that I could go to sleep inside of it and ride out the Winter. I’m rambling. What I mean is that the losing streak that just ended sucked and winning for once is really nice. And win for once, we did! It was a heck of a ride though. You might’ve expected that the way Justin Verlander has pitched since his season began he would’ve been easy enough for the Sox to deal with.But it wasn’t because it never can be. Luckily, Rick Porcello continued his improvement, question mark, and the bullpen managed to hold together for once. Then Xander Bogaerts singled home Mookie Betts like we’re all hoping he will for years and years to come and we won on a walkoff. Feels good, right? Watching even when the team’s out of it in July can be fun when they actually win games, honest!

Those rare wins where you’re sure the young dudes are putting it together in front of our eyes are always cool. This Detroit team is definitely hurting almost as bad as the Red Sox are, but a win is a win is a win. I’ll take it because I’m pretty sure I need wins to live at this point. Win withdrawal was getting to me.

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