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Red Sox Game 96 Recap: FFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck.

Highest WPA: Mike “Way To Waste The Best Game He’ll Probably Have For A Month” Napoli, .437
Lowest WPA: Junichi “Wait, this can’t be right” Tazawa, -.296

I know why I keep watching: I’m too damn stubborn to quit. Okay? I’m like a 29 year-old version of that angry dad you or your friend had who wouldn’t stop nodding off in front of horrible games in the early 80’s or the early 90’s or whenever even though everyone knew the idiots in management had tossed together a joke of a team that you yourself, yes you, could’ve legitimately done a better job of preparing in a single offeseason. Okay? That’s why I watch. I won’t quit until this team wins again. Or after this team starts winning again. I won’t.

Anyway, the team must’ve read what I wrote last night because tonight they kicked anyone who watched straight in the balls. When Colby Rasmus hit that game-tying dinger I probably should’ve broken out my old Game Boy Advance or done something productive with my time, but instead I continued watching as they gave up the lead, then reclaimed it. Then John Farrell left Craig Breslow in too long and the Astros’ best hitter flipped one into the first row of the Crawford Boxes to make the evening complete. Oi.

Well, I can’t repeat last night’s rant about how screwed this team is if management continues on it’s current trend, so I hope you’ll understand why I keep watching in the complete absence of hope. It’s all I have.

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