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Red Sox Game Who Cares Recap:

Highest WPA: lol
Lowest WPA: lol

I don’t know, they lost. I haven’t even a clue how long this losing streak’s gone. They haven’t won since the All-Star break, and that was a week ago. They’re a billion games behind the Yankees. The pitching rotation consists of you, your grandmother, and Joe Kelly. And your grandma pitches better than Joe Kelly and she’s dead.

So that’s where we’re at. Best pitcher hurt, the rest of the rotation expectedly garbage. The lineup unexpectedly garbage. What to do? Maybe you’re one of those types who likes to pitch a fit when someone rips on the home team for being god awful. I’d like to take this time to tell you to shove it straight up your ass. This is the worst team the Red Sox could’ve possibly put on the field this year and they should’ve known better. Cherington is an utter failure as a GM, outside of the CHAMPIONSHIP YEAR that was largely based on the work of his predecessor. The team’s best starter in in a Cubs uniform. The team’s best hitter is suddenly looking very old. This front office in no way appears qualified to rebuild. What the fuck are we to do? This team fucking sucks from top to bottom and if you’re the sort who hates complaining then go follow the Revolution or something because there is going to be a shit-ton of complaining about them for the next five years or so.

Oh, and the deadline is still upcoming. Can’t wait to see what happens then!

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