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Bruins trade Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic for draft picks.

So many draft picks.

Hamilton went to the Calgary Flames for the 15th, 45th, and 52nd overall picks in tonight and tomorrow’s draft for Dougie Hamilton. Sorry to see ya go, Dougie! Apparently the Bruins tried to resign him but it didn’t work? That sucks because he was pretty good. This team has had an unsettling recent habit of trading defensemen that they could’ve used in hindsight, hope that doesn’t happen again! (It’s going to happen again)

At the same time, they sent Milan Lucic to the LA Kings in exchange for the 13th overall pick, goaltender Martin Jones, and Collin Miller. I suspect maybe the Kings wanted the Bruins to take some stuff off of their hands in exchange for that one. Anyway, Lucic was a good player who never quite lived up to those Cam Neely comps but still belonged as a top-line dude. He fell off last year and the Bruins probably thought it was time to cut bait after a year where the whole squad had trouble scoring goals.

So are these good moves? I don’t really know. Hamilton was awfully young and this team is going to need young defensemen really soon. Lucic, I could sort of take or leave. He always seemed like he was ready to start actually scoring, and then he…….. didn’t. I guess in the long run the Hamilton deal has a lot more potential to be the regrettable one. Let’s hope it isn’t! Let’s hope these picks actually turn into something.

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