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Red Sox Game 72 Recap: Joe Kelly

Highest WPA: Hanley Ramirez, .117
Lowest WPA: Like I even have to tell you it was Joe Kelly, -.261

Mean? Maybe. But almost halfway through the season I think we can all say that Joe Kelly has more or less shown what he’s capable of and it’s nothing more than a big, hot fart. I don’t know what the Hell the Cardinals’ front office told Ben Cherington about this dude but whatever it was I have to guess that it was a real knee-slapper. The Red Sox lost by a three-run home run he surrendered to a dude with a career .668 OPS and started the homestand off on a super-down note. Should I really think “well, we could’ve won this game if it weren’t for our horrible starter”? For some reason I think not but a guy like Joe Kelly makes me think that every time he pitches for some reason.

I think at this point we can all just accept that Joe Kelly sucks. The way this is going though he’s probably going to crank out a random no-hitter in a start or two and guarantee a rotation spot for another month or three at which point he will continue to be awful. Count on it.

Oh, incidentally we sent Steven Wright down to Pawtucket so that we could give more major league action to…….. Justin Masteron. Fucking fuck.

PS: Mookie was adequate.

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