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Red Sox Game 69 Recap: Nice.

Highest WPA: Eduardo Rodriguez, .126
Lowest WPA: David Ortiz, -.072

We hit into five double-plays, last I checked. We had bullpen trouble thanks to Robbie Ross Jr, who is creating a bad name for Robbies everywhere, as well as Steven Wright, who I love and none of you shall besmirch. But we still won thanks to a five-run second inning and quite comfortably on the road against a very good team. What else is there to say? Eduardo Rodriguez is back to being a very good pitcher that the normally shrewd Orioles gave up for a rental. Hanley Ramirez is hitting again. Dustin Pedroia is hurt, at least enough to miss a few games. We have that to be negative about here at the Nerds at least.

I can’t complain. I mean, about this game in particular. I can complain about other stuff though. Stuff like not having another left-handed pitcher to rely on in this team’s rotation. That sort of thing.

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