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Red Sox Game 68 Recap: We can win games too, looks like.

Highest WPA: Clay Buchholz, .226
Lowest WPA: Hanley Ramirez, -.078

So those brief moments when everything actually works, those are cool, aren’t they? I mean, Clay did give up a leadoff double to the first batter of the game. That didn’t feel too good. Then he committed a two-run error by motioning David Ortiz back to first base and then tossing the baseball over his head later in the game. But aside from that, they looked good! Like a professional baseball team and not professional instagram-browsers or whatever the Hell the latest scandal is all about (I know what it’s about, I’m just pretending not to care). It’s nice when they can do that.

I won’t complain about a victory. Everybody looked good tonight, even Mookie Betts, who hit baseballs tonight. And the ever-surging Brock Holt, who is better than most of the crap this team likes to send out nowadays. Let’s hope it keeps up! Because losing stinks and being the only team in this division who aren’t within a game or two of first is even worse.

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