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Red Sox Game 61 reaction: I…I just…

No, wait, here’s a better image.

Or, if you prefer:

I mean…at some point, you just run out of words, right? Matt Barnes is competent enough. Junichi Tazawa is good. Tommy Layne probably doesn’t suck. Did that matter tonight? Of course not.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the Red Sox offense scored eight runs and the game was still in striking distance for the Blue Jays because Joe Kelly sucks. He gave up four runs in six innings, which sucks, because he sucks. Barnes and Tazawa and Layne all had worse nights, but Kelly sucks, and if someone who didn’t suck had started then none of those three guys would have been called on in the first place.

Positives. Okay. Eight runs! Yay! Pablo hit a homer! Mookie hit a homer! Pedroia hit a homer! Ortiz had two hits! Rusney had two hits! And…okay, that’s it for positives. Eight runs and they lose by five. Christ.

A hundred and one more games of this crap. For fuck’s sake.

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