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Red Sox Game 49 reaction: Bleh.

Highest WPA: Blake Swihart, .156 (1-3, BB, RBI)
Lowest WPA: Rusney Castillo, -.261 (1-4, 2 GIDP, LOB)

By stringing together four kinda okay outings in a row, Steven Wright has established himself as the Red Sox’ best, most reliable starting pitcher.

Cole Hamels went eight innings and allowed two runs tonight, by the way.

Jon Lester had a 1.76 ERA this month, by the way.

John Lackey has a 123 ERA+ on the season, by the way.

Anyway, “kinda okay” should sometimes be good enough, and it almost was; Wright allowed three runs, and the offense scored four, so it was conceivable that the Red Sox could win this one…except, of course, tonight was a night that the bullpen exploded. When you build a team with one strength, and then that strength falls apart, every game becomes an exciting adventure, where you’re never sure how you’re going to lose next.

Speaking of the Red Sox’ one strength, though, Hanley Ramirez homered again. That’s wonderful. He’s now gone deep in back-to-back games after not homering at all since he slammed his shoulder into the wall. Of course, nobody else really did much of anything; after Hanley, the best performance came from Blake Swihart, who is garbage. I was kidding when I tweeted this…

…but with a scant two games in the month, the man we wouldn’t trade for Cole Hamels totes a .224/.257/.269 batting line, good for a .526 OPS. Fun fact: Opponents facing Cole Hamels have a .643 OPS this year.

Of course, Swihart isn’t the only lottery ticket from which the Red Sox have scratched off one non-wionning number. Mookie Betts continues to play every day, and bat second, with his .302 OBP. Xander Bogaerts, who is now over 800 terrible plate appearances into his career, is still far too valuable to even consider trading for anything short of…I honestly have no idea what the Red Sox Prospect Hype Machine would consider a fair trade for him. I’d say Kershaw, but he costs money. Trout? Trout if the Angels take on most of his contract?

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