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Red Sox Game 41 Reaction: What am I doing?

Highest WPA: Xander Bogaerts, Fangraphs acting up but “above zero” is impressive these days (2-2, BB)
Lowest WPA: Hanley Ramirez, -.225 (0-4, 2 LOB)

When I wasn’t playing The Show tonight, I was watching this garbage. I am bad at The Show, with very little plate discipline and lately no ability to pitch strikes. To top it off, either my Internet or the network is wonky and graphical glitches dominated games.

I still should have stuck with that instead of the Sox.

I don’t know why I bother. Sure, it’s some form of addictive behavior and habit, but I’m not even chasing the highs anymore; once they gave up that back-breaking third run, there was no sense the Red Sox could get back in it. Instead, they made Wandy Rodriguez look even better than they made Phil Klein look last night.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I had no hope at all for this whole season; no one outside the Central division is running away with a playoff spot. Maybe these guys put it together and pitch like May while also hitting like April. But while I don’t see the rotation reverting to “historically terrible,” I also don’t see Ramirez making it through June without a DL stint. Maybe it’s coincidence, but the simplest explanation is “dude hurt himself that play he looked like he hurt himself, causing subsequent sucking.” I’m going with that.

But hey, cheer up; at least Allen Craig is giving AAA pitchers something to feel good about.

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