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Red Sox Game 36 Recap: Stop trying to type “Bruins,” brain. Just stop.

Highest WPA: Blake Swihart, .230. Return to your seat, Goog.
Lowest WPA: Hanley Ramirez, -.066

Unfortunately for all of you, there are still things we can sort-of-kind-of pick apart about the Red Sox’ win against Felix Hernandez tonight. Like the fact that they could’ve scored even more runs off of the King, or just the fact that a lot of their success tonight can be attributed to him tweaking his ankle in the middle innings and never quite being the same. I mean, he walked Jackie fucking Bradley for shit’s sakes, something has to be wrong here. When these sorts of things happen I suspect the involvement of some sort of trickster god or spirit.

But no, the Sox did win and they did it with their bats and their defense, something I couldn’t have predicted but maybe would have hoped for. Rick Porcello continued in his role as the only member of the Red Sox rotation that can be reasonably expected to turn in a decent start, and we thank him for it. He did however give up a game-tying solo homer, much like Clay last night, at which point you might expect that the Sox’ chances of winning had instantly evaporated the way this season has gone. But then Felix wilted at a time of least convenience for Seattle and the Sox scratched out just enough offense to win. I’d call that a good night.

We’re guaranteed a split in this road series! As far as west coast trips go, well, I’ll take it. The Sox are approaching a .500 record, which if recent years have taught us anything is reason enough to expect agony in the coming days. Not only that, but with this win they guaranteed at least a .500 record on this trip, and with a win tomorrow it could be a winning road trip and they could reach .500 for the season at the same time! I’m pretty much as scared as you all are.

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