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Red Sox Games 32-34 Reaction: Two out of three

The most profound takeaway from this series is that Justin Masterson is so bad the team is no longer denying it, and has resorted to a blatant use of phantom injury to get him off the roster. Maybe something physical IS wrong with the righty, but obviously, it’s just that he’s pitching very poorly despite any post hoc diagnoses that help rationalize it.

But hey, we already knew he was very bad. Steven Wright is most likely worse, but throwing all sorts of crap at the wall to see what sticks is the first step to finding a solution. The team won Porcello’s start – which is basically a must – and apparently Wade Miley is in negotiations to sell his soul to the dark gods of BABIP; somehow he parlayed a four-walk, one-strikeout, five-hit outing into almost seven shutout innings.

Of course, the team still has a less-than-100% Hanley Ramirez, an offensively floundering Xander Bogaerts, and basically no answers in right field or behind the plate. But every day that goes by with the Red Sox winning in spite of those facts is a day closer to the potential for a very flawed team to make a late run, so yeah, I’m okay with it for the next 28 hours.

Jackie Bradley Watch: The last “next great Red Sox” went 0-5 with a walk and a strikeout for the series. It still looks for all the world that he is the elusive “Quad-A” player who can’t translate AAA success into any sort of competent big-league hitting despite never giving scouts red flags on his “tools” or “makeup.”

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