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Red Sox Game 30 Reaction: Same old same old

Highest WPA: Mookie Betts, .029 (2-5, 2B, R)
Lowest WPA: Joe “Fastball ‘Special'” Kelly, -.215 (5 2/3 IP, 8 BB, 3 K, 6 ER, 4 H)

Contrary to my last reaction blog, I’ve kept watching this team, because sometimes bad baseball is better than no baseball. And boy, this is bad baseball. Joe Kelly teased a Matsuzakan outing when he had walked 7 but looked ready to escape the fourth with just a 2-0 deficit for his seven walks… and instead gave up a 3-run home run that pretty much clinched it.

Of course, “get out of the fourth is an okay start” is the sort of “everyone gets a ribbon” low standards we’re resorting to here. Blake Swihart isn’t supposed to be here and wasn’t expected to be ready for another year or so? Well then, shucks, good on him for just physically showing up at the park!

Of course, I’m still a long-term supporter of sticking with prospects, and it’s hard to see this level of profoundly bad baseball holding up (or down, as it were). If it does, well, just dumping off your farm for Cole Hamels would still leave you with three absolutely dreadful starters and maybe two bullpen arms you kind of trust, and it would also leave you with continuing offensive voids at catcher and in right field – and the lumbering ghost of Mike Napoli.

Allen Craig Watch: You won’t believe this, but he went 0-4 with 3 strikeouts. I know, shocking, right?!? But finally, he’s heading down to Pawtucket, only about five weeks too late.

I’m firmly in the “he is a 30-year old a year and a half removed from being a useful non-elite player, and is just done” camp, but if you insist on being optimistic and getting him everyday at-bats, I’d rather he take those from Travis Shaw and Quintin Berry than from Daniel Nava and eventually Rusney Castillo. Instead, we can resume our actual disappointment with Jackie Bradley’s bat, which doesn’t involve a massive financial burden on the team. Because, you know, we Sporting Nerds lose a lot of sleep thinking John Henry’s money might be getting wasted.

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