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Red Sox Game 29 reaction: Totally the pitching coach’s fault

Highest WPA: Daniel Nava, .084 (0-2, 2 BB)
Lowest WPA: Pablo Sandoval, -.157 (0-4, K, GIDP, 4 LOB)

Six innings, two dingers, four runs. But yeah, it was the pitching coach’s fault. Professional water carrier Dave O’Brien said that it was “not a HORRENDOUS outing” for Wade Miley, which I guess is true, if only by comparison. It brought his season ERA down, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t sad. And hey, it was only barely worse than the typical Red Sox start; four runs in six innings is a 6.00 ERA, and coming into tonight the Red Sox’ starters had a 5.54 ERA for the season!

Again: Hilarious, if it wasn’t sad. And then Robbie Ross made it worse, as he does. Why does he have a job? For that matter, why does any pitcher on this staff other than Porcello, Uehara, and Tazawa have a job?

Speaking of sad, the offense has quietly gone in the tank as well. After being shutout tonight, they’ve scored just 15 runs in seven games since the month of May began. Hanley Ramirez could be back any day now, but of course he’ll do so after hurting himself, not playing, and rushing back; I’d wager that we’re already at the point where it would have made more sense to put him on the 15-day DL immediately than to do what the Red Sox have done. (To be fair, every team is dumb like this; a guy gets hurt, looks like he might only miss a couple of days, that stretches near to a week, then he’s bad when he gets back in the lineup. Every team does this, because every team is dumb sometimes.)

How bad did the Red Sox’ offense look tonight? I missed Brock Holt. Yep. Part of the reason for that…

ALLEN CRAIG WATCH: Believe it or not, he took an 0-fer! But he did get hit with a pitch, so he had a positive WPA. There’s that.

BLAKE SWIHART WATCH: You knew this was coming, and here it is. The Reason We Can’t Have Cole Hamels (It Totally Isn’t Money, It’s Just That This Guy Is So Good) went 0-4 with a pair of strikeouts tonight. He now totes a .325 OPS. Cole Hamels, incidentally, threw seven innings tonight; he allowed one run on four hits, with eight strikeouts against two walks. Just so you know.

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