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Red Sox Game 27 reaction: The Ricky and Koji…and Mookie Show

Highest WPA: Rick Porcello, .443 (7 IP, 8 H, 0 R, 6 K, 0 BB)
Lowest WPA: Brock Holt, -.072 (0-3, K, LOB)

The Red Sox were no-hit for the first five innings, only scored two runs on the whole night…and won? Cool. It’s amazing what happens when you have a good starting pitcher on the mound. Now, Rick Porcello isn’t a true-talent 0.00 ERA guy, but he is legitimately good, and it’s great to see him showing it; over his last two starts he’s thrown 14 innings and allowed just one run, with 12 strikeouts against only two walks. Also not his true talent, but a damn sight better than what you’re going to get from…well, from any other pitcher the Red Sox have.

I caught a little flack for saying it, but I stand by it: If the Red Sox had five pitchers as good as Rick Porcello, instead of Rick Porcello and four guys who suck, things would be looking a lot better for them.

But hey, we had Rick Porcello tonight! Mookie Betts is great! Koji looks like Koji! Hanley Ramirez isn’t dead! With Sportspun having embraced negativity, the only role left for me is that of the optimist!


ALLEN CRAIG WATCH: Hey, did you know that Allen Craig has options? It’s true! Or at least Lou Merloni said so on the radio last night, and I couldn’t find anything to contradict it. If that’s the case, it makes you wonder why the Hell the Red Sox kept him on the bench for the first month of the season instead of sending him down to a) get regular playing time, and b) be horrible in AAA instead of the Majors. Oh well. Too late now; with Daniel Nava dead (but still on the active roster, which seems unfair), he gets to play left field every day, and tonight he made the most of it! Of course, this is Allen Craig, so “the most” amounted to going 1-2 with a walk, and the one was a well-struck base hit where he got thrown out trying to stretch it to a double. He’s now up to a .163/.250/.233 line on the season, and he’s still signed through 2017 (with an option for ’18!), and he’s still the guy the Red Sox took on so that they could have Joe Kelly and not have to have John Lackey on the team making the minimum. Yeah.

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