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Red Sox 2015 Reaction: Welp.

Highest WPA: Xander Bogaerts, .86
Lowest WPA: THE GODDAMN PITCHERS, I MEAN SHIT, WHAT THE CRAP ARE THEY DOING?!, let’s call it negative eleventy billion

It was… well, sometimes it was fun while it lasted. But with exactly one starting pitcher who I don’t actively expect to be bad, the Red Sox offense had no margin for error.

And it also had no margin for “no catch on a tough play, losing your top hitter – no, not Brock Holt,” and that’s what has Red Sox Nation reeling tonight. Adding injury to the insult of Clay Buchholz’ existence, Hanley Ramirez couldn’t come up with a ball, and couldn’t stay in the game after. While it was tough to ascertain exactly what he hurt, it was clear that a very strong man was in a great deal of pain. It instantly brought to mind Jacoby Ellsbury’s 2012-ruining shoulder injury, which underscores the severity – even if Ramirez comes back from this without a long time off, we could be looking at hampered production.

Almost as horrifying as losing the team’s top run producer was the death of Daniel Nava. While nothing has been confirmed yet, reasonable minds have to conclude that Nava passed away just before game-time, giving John Farrell no choice but to put Allen Craig in Ramirez’s place. Well, Dan, we’ll always have that grand slam and your Erin Andrews crush; thanks for the good times.

And thanks, 2015 Red Sox, for not making us suffer long. Thanks for having the debilitating blow come before a prospect swap for a declining Cole Hamels who cannot throw four days a week. Thanks for a couple of young, homegrown players getting walkoff hits in April. Thanks for getting us a look at Blake Swihart in a time of need without real expectations. Thanks for exposing Joe Kelly as a guy who throws hard but is bad.

Which brings us to the shambling corpse of a season’s first…
Allen Craig Watch: Allen Craig’s first at-bat replacing the team’s best player was a ground out.

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