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Once Upon a Time S4E21 recap: Mother

Highest WPA: Regina Mills, .421 (was in seemingly every scene; dominated most of them)
Lowest WPA: Captain Hook, -.069 (Remember when he had a personality?)

So the episode that focuses on mothers and motherhood and how very important it is to have a good relationship with your mother airs the week before Mother’s Day? *shrug* Okay.

As noted in the WPA, Regina was all over this episode, and she did a great job with it. The show around her was hit or miss–I could do with more things like Lily being snarky and evil and fewer scenes of Maleficent being…whatever she is–but overall it was a good one. A little bit of Cora is always nice, too, though I wonder why she couldn’t at least get a real fake tattoo for Nottingham. On the other hand, we wouldn’t have gotten Regina torturing him with an animated ink lion, so never mind.

Speaking of ink, the author remembering that he can do things too, only to use that ability to do what Mr. Gold wanted, was a little silly. But, again, it set up something really cool–namely the reversal of fate coming next week where we get to see Rumple as a hero and Evil Queen Snow and heel/face changes up and down the card. I’m a fan of dystopian alternate universe episodes like that, so it should be fun.

As for the Red Sox…Joe Kelly’s bad. This is still surprising people. Move along.

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