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Red Sox Game 22 Reaction: As expected

Early starts and 3-hour games are nice

Highest WPA: Rick Porcello, .275 (7 IP, 2 H, 2 BB, 6 K, ER)
Lowest WPA: Mookie Betts, -.064 (1-4, RBI, K, 1 LOB)

The Sox are now back to .500 in games attended by Goog. Because let’s face it, if they had lost again, it might be time for an intervention to stop my fellow Sporting Nerd from going any more.

Instead, Rick Porcello was… well, I am not as huge a fan as I was a month ago, but he was really good. A rough second inning ended in a damage-minimizing double play, and ultimately the long frame included Toronto’s only run of the game. Against the best scoring offense in baseball, that’s more like what I’d hoped for. (Now, about those other four starters…) And after Hanley Ramirez homered and our two good relievers did their jobs, the Sox have another quiet series win under their belts. Plus, the soft underbelly of the bullpen (AKA “whichever other five guys we stick out there”) gets a couple days’ rest before the Yankees hit town. That’s a big plus.

Allen Craig Watch: Goog, did you see Allen hitting soft grounders in batting practice or anything? Today was a game well-suited for his skill set, “sit while heart and brain perform necessary functions to sustain life.” Meanwhile, Rusney Castillo was activated from Pawtucket’s disabled list; just maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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