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Red Sox Game 19 reaction: You’ll never believe it

Highest WPA: Brock Holt, because hilarity
Lowest WPA: Wade Miley, -.330 (2.1 IP, 5 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 0 K, 2 BB)

It was impossible to believe, but it might just be true: Taking a bad pitcher and putting him in a Red Sox uniform does not make him a good pitcher. It goes against all logic–and it certainly goes against Ben Cherington’s offseason strategy–but after yet another disastrous start by yet another bad pitcher, it seems like the only conclusion.

If it’s true, this wild notion that playing for the Red Sox does not turn dumpster fires into aces, then it would explain why Wade Miley, who posted an ERA+ of 86 last year, is continuing to be bad. It would also call into question the decision to put together a rotation of Bad-Fine-Bad-Bad-Bad, particularly when a bit of money, or a bit of a looser grip on mediocre prospects, could have added a couple of pitchers who are actually good to the 2015 Red Sox’ rotation.

Bad starts tomorrow, which is unfortunate because the bullpen has been blown out by Bad’s horrible start today. After Bad goes again on Tuesday, I get to see Fine in person Wednesday night. So that’s nice.

ALLEN CRAIG WATCH: Did Nava get hurt or something? Craig started in right field against a righty today, which is like three levels of suboptimal. He’s 0-2 as of this writing, and I feel confident in saying that you can just change that 2 to however many ABs he winds up getting, and leave the 0 alone.

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