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Red Sox Game 16 Reaction: This one’s on me

Highest WPA: Clay Buchholz, .206 (6 IP, 2 H, 3 BB, 10 K, ER)
Lowest WPA: Anthony Varvaro, -.379 (1/3 IP, 3 H, ER)

Goog predicted the storyline would be “Clay still sucks.” But the Rays basically run out a decent AAA lineup, so the fact that Buchholz is not good didn’t really factor in.

Instead, Rene Rivera of all people got the walkoff hit against my favorite offseason pickup for the Sox, who finally lose a series. Uh… at least we got to see John Farrell pinch-hit for his no-bat catcher before the dire drama of extra innings? Since it didn’t work out, that’ll probably be the last of it until 2016.

Allen Craig Watch: 1-4, still owed $26 million through 2018. Pretty sure we should have just given all of that to John Lackey to ease the slightest suspicion he would’ve pouted at playing for the minimum. Or we could have just thrown it into a sewer and at least gotten a free roster spot out of the deal.

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