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Red Sox Game 12 Recap: Ew

Highest WPA: meaningless
Lowest WPA: Rick Porcello, -(ALL THE HOPE)

Goog’s take:

My take: Hey, now Porcello does, too!

Less knee-jerkingly, Porcello just had a terrible day. I don’t think you can make more of it than that – he struck more guys out than his norm, but that came at the cost of a lot of long fly balls. In his first two starts he had a 59.1% ground ball rate and less than 2 walks per 9. He probably won’t keep those rates up, but today wasn’t fully representative either.

That said, while I’m still a fan and not willing to turn on him due to overmagnified April stats, Goog’s core point remains one I grudgingly agree with: this rotation isn’t working. Sure, the team is in first place, and yes, Lester and Hamels would only be an upgrade to this point in the season when you consider just how profoundly terrible Miley and Masterson have been.

But one of the reasons I liked locking Porcello up to a high-money, medium-term contract was the idea that having a cost-controlled upper-half starter locked in might make the team more willing to take on a potential free agent or Hamels’ contract. Until that happens… Porcello is the Boston pitcher in whom I have the most confidence, and today reminded me that is a terrifying state of affairs.

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