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Red Sox Game 8 recap: No, Koji Uehara is the Red Sox’ closer.

Highest WPA: Ryan Hanigan, .351 (1-4, RBI; happened to be batting when the Nats went to Hell)
Lowest WPA: Justin Masterson (4.2 IP, 8 H, 7 ER, 4 K, 3 BB)

That feels so much better to say than Edward Mujica, doesn’t it? If only we could say something nicer than “Justin Masterson is the Red Sox’ third starter.” Oh well. Tonight, amazingly, it didn’t matter! Between the bats keeping the game close and the Nationals deciding that they really, really didn’t want to see the Boston fans go home upset, the Red Sox were able to eke out a W despite their starter letting in seven runs.

You know, for all the talk about how it wouldn’t be “efficient” to sign good free agents or trade for goof players, nothing much has been said about the decision to give Masterson $9.5 million.

Then again…if you pay $22.5 million for a 4-WAR starter, you paid about $5.5 million per WAR. But by paying $9.5 million for a -1 WAR starter, you pay -$9.5 million per WAR! You’re literally printing money!!!!

(That was a joke. In case it wasn’t clear.)

I’m actually going to the game tomorrow afternoon, so Sportspun will have to handle the official business of posting the recap and insulting the starter and ridiculing the general manager. You know, the usual stuff.

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