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Red Sox Game 5 recap: Let’s not start suckin’ each other’s dicks just yet.

True story: I told Sportspun after the seventh inning that I had written this draft, and that I had to take off. I guess I should have gone so far as to actually ask him to post it, rather than assume that it would get done.

Also, it’s entirely possible that the Bruins missing out on the playoffs has killed Robbie. That would be a shame.

Highest WPA: FanGraphs is down, but I’d guess Joe Kelly, probably .320 or so (7 IP, H, ER, 8 K, 2 BB, or something like that)
Lowest WPA: Mike Napoli, maybe? (0-the season)

The Red Sox are 4-1, and that’s great, and I’m not saying that either of those things aren’t true. But now that we’re one trip through the rotation, people are already starting to say that the rotation is going to be just fine and that the concerns about the whole “only one good starter” thing were overblown.

Let’s hold onto that, okay?

The Red Sox have played five games. Three were against the Phillies, who can’t hit. Two were against the Yankees, who also can’t hit. One was played less than twelve hours after the completion of a 19-inning marathon. All of them were played in April, which is always the worst month for offense. There are a thousand explanations for the Red Sox having a good turn through the rotation, chief among them being “it’s five games and literally any outcome is possible over a sample size of five games, including four bad pitchers and one good pitcher combining to make five good starts.”

Aside from the fact that the Red Sox have won four games and lost only one, nothing of meaning has happened yet. If anyone, especially anyone from NESN, tries to tell you differently, ignore them.

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