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Once Upon a Time S4E18 recap: Heart of Gold

Highest WPA: Zelena Mills, .413 (came back from the presumed dead; swiped Robin Hood from Regina for now)
Lowest WPA: Belle French / Captain Hook, .000 (DNP)

Loved this episode. The reveal of Zelena as having swerved everyone was a bit of a stretch, but I’m willing to let it go because the character is so fantastic. Just gold, really. I loved the change of pace this week, too; rather than shove the (fairly bland, honestly) Queens of Darkness in, the writers just let Robin and Rumple and Zelena carry the load, and they did it wonderfully.

Special shoutout to Will Scarlet, too. I didn’t see a single solitary second of Wonderland, so I’m not at all sad that that show didn’t pan out, but the choice to bring him over to the main show (and leave everyone else behind, apparently) was a very good one. He was great tonight. He’s pretty much always great.

I wasn’t really in love with the first couple of episodes of this arc, but the show is picking up steam as we head toward the finale. It sucks that the season will be over in May, but…that’s TV.

Speaking of seasons that will be over in May (or, if you want to be generous, August), the Red Sox lost. Clay Buchholz isn’t the savior this rotation needs; if the past seven years of his career didn’t convince you of that, his atrocious outing tonight won’t, either. But hey, home opener tomorrow! Baseball is really happening, guys! Winter is over! No more snow! Really!

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