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Bruins Game 82 Recap: rip rip im sorry

After the Penguins beat the Sabres and clinched the last playoff spot, well, there was no real point in playing this game. Other than giving some ticketholders what they came to see, anyway. The season was over, the Bruins (fittingly) lost in a shootout, and that was that. Three points out of the playoffs after a three-game losing streak ended the season. That’s that.

As we look back on this season, what will we remember? I seem to recall telling people (not just you) that I wasn’t afraid for this team. Last summer seemed to indicate that this team was possibly in rebuilding mode, what with the exodus of their top goal-scorer and Veteran Presence Jarome Iginla and the lack of any suitable replacement on the cheap. “Money-saving mode” doesn’t usually indicate contention in the near-future. But the core that took the team places was sure there, and it seemed as if they could be counted on to take the Bruins to the top of the standings just like they had one short season before.

Too bad that didn’t work out. I sure as Hell don’t want to see another Simon Gagne on this team next year. Goal-scoring was a huge problem for this team all year long and it sure made the whole “defensive hockey” ideal look foolish when there were no leads to defend. Then came the injuries. Important players like Zdeno Chara and David Krejci went down for months at a time. The team’s big deadline acquisition Brett Connolly went down before he played even a single game. Were people playing hurt all year? Possibly.

But more than anything else, as the year drug on and onwards there was the feeling that maybe the team was too old, that the core that got them to the promised land so often in the late ‘aughts was past its prime and that the young talent that the team had picked up in the meantime wasn’t ready to help quite yet (or it was playing in Dallas). There was that agonizing west-coast trip through Canada that probably ended the season. There was the failure to beat the Habs even once. There was me being one behind on the number of games played for much of the second half of the season. Oh, there was so much. I was there, I was there. I was usually there.

There were a few bright spots on the new talent front, as David Pastrnak emerged from the minors to display the sort of goal-scoring talent that the Bruins seemingly haven’t had since…….. well, I can’t remember them having someone like that. Ryan Spooner finally stuck in the bigs and kept scoring there, oddly enough whilst paired next to Pastrnak. Maybe this is a combination they should keep together instead of trading one or both off the moment they offend the Jacobs family? We can dream.

It’s possible that this was a planned rebuilding year from the start, such things are almost inevitable in a salary cap league. Maybe what we got was just a worst-case scenario, it sure felt like one. If there’s one thing this team needs to focus on for next year, it’s on scoring some actual goals. I mean, duh, right? It would be nice if the feeling that this team has no idea how to score went away. It would also be nice if September were here. No wait, no it wouldn’t, I love the Summer and baseball. And I need a breather from this team anyway. Watch the playoffs! I’ll see you in the fall. Or during the draft.

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