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Bruins Game 80 Recap: Wait, come back!

You might panic knowing that after all that winning the Bruins did in the last week, they’re still on the playoff bubble. I mean sure, the Panthers are done and gone. But they could have really used those two points tonight, because now they’re three behind Washington, one behind Pittsburgh and Detroit, and tied with Ottawa for the last playoff spot. And everyone has two games left to play. Sure they could still vault all the way into a matchup with Tampa instead of the shotgun blast to the face that would probably be facing the Habs or the Rangers in the first round. But we probably shouldn’t count on that happening. At least its hard to after tonight.

Braden Holtby shut the Bruins out for the third time tonight. Is it because our offense is godawful, almost by design? Is it because he’s a good goalie? I can’t tell. Optimism isn’t really the first thing on your mind after a game like that. The words “league history” are being tossed around to describe this and while I can’t argue with that, I can argue that………. um…………. the name “Braden” is dumb. So there. What else is there to say? Shut out three times by the same goalie, it’s embarrassing.

Anyway, don’t head for the lifeboats just yet. The Bruins are still tied for a postseason spot and they have two games left, against the now-dead Panthers and the hopefully-resting for the playoffs Lightning. Anything can happen! Which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Let’s hope the Senators help us out here. The next game is……… why, it’s tomorrow night in Florida. Tune in!

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