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Red Sox Game 2 Recap: Hell of a way to end a retirement


Highest WPA: Pablo Sandoval, .155 (2-3, BB, RBI)
Lowest WPA: Hanley Ramirez, -.240 (0-4, K, 6 LOB)

I wasn’t sure my account on WordPress was even still active. It’s been a while. But making myself the story is bad faux journalism.

Especially when the real story was… Aaron Harang? THAT Aaron Harang? O… okay…

As little as we can make of yesterday’s win, I’ll also avoid letting myself get worried about a potential juggernaut lineup having one bad day against a guy who should not be striking out decent hitters. And I can avoid getting too high on the ground ball clinic put on by the Red Sox’ big-contract #2 Rick Porcello, at least prior to the sixth inning. Five-inning starts are no one’s friend, but the former Tiger looked really good until, well, he didn’t. I was apparently ahead of John Farrell, having remarked to Goog that the pen needed to get active as soon as he went to a full count against Ryan Howard; giving up a home run three batters later was not exactly a surprise.

I still like Porcello just fine, and hey, maybe his extension gives the Sox a clearer financial picture that allows them to fit an ace into their self-imposed budget while still permitting ownership to get more insanely, obscenely wealthy.

Or maybe we’re about to go into a run of games featuring Justin Masterson, Wade Miley, and Stephen Wright with the light at the end of the tunnel represented only by the dim Clay Buchholz.

I need another hiatus.

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