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Bruins Game 66 Recap: I guess we’re free to feel good again?

So the Bruins have themselves a little three-game winning streak. This is a big change from losing streaks! Not only that but it’s not against horrible opposition either, but rather teams they need to beat either because they’re chasing the Bruins in the standings, or because they’re the Red Wings who are way ahead of the Bruins in the standings. I won’t complain about those sort of results. Ryan Spooner scored not one but two goals, which still makes me feel super-smart but kind of dumb because I was still just basing my anger off of the fact that he’d scored a lot in the minors with no permanent NHL callup. I mean, who’s ever heard of a guy lighting up the minors and failing at the top level? Not me

Boston was on top tonight. They wound up getting outshot, which is nothing new, but they won and won convincingly. After a rocky season, it’s nice to have faith in the team to hold a lead and make the best of chances. The next game is on Thursday against the Lightning, which means it’s back to playing against top opponents again for the Bruins. Can they beat them? Young talent seems to be working out for the B’s lately, but can that really last? Well, we hope so. Tune in!

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