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Bruins Game 63 Recap: Like sloths to a Flames game.

I can’t quite really explain how this Bruins season has gone. First they trade for a new winger, then he gets hurt in a freak accident during practice and he’s going to miss the rest of the regular season. And the playoffs aren’t guaranteed! I mean there are so many moments from this year. I think I’ve gone over this before.

The Bruins took a million penalties tonight and I could probably complain about that, the referees went from impossibly lenient to so strict that an improperly raised eyebrow could’ve lead to two minutes in the penalty box, which lead to two Calgary power-play goals. But really, what’s another “moment” in this season? The Bruins lost but got away with a point by dragging things to overtime and then stunk up another shootout. You know what I think? I don’t care if teams or commentators don’t like shootouts, because it’s obvious that the Bruins either are under a collective slump or fucking suck at them. I think they suck at them. Everyone except Tuukka Rask, he’s good at them but the Bruins can’t (or won’t) let him take a shot at the opposing net. Right now, I dread shootouts not because I dislike them but because I’m almost certain the team is going to lose and give Rask an overabundance of opportunities to hyper-extend something or tear his groin.

We lost. Can this team even make the postseason? Well, I think they can. I hope they can. They’re a good enough team and once you’re there who knows what might happen! I think the bigger worry might really be about the future, because at this point some sort of personnel change has to happen on the ice to avoid another long drawn out coma of a season. But that’s a problem that won’t be solved in one night, so oh well! Better not to stress too much. The next game is Saturday afternoon against the Flyers. Tune in!

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