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Bruins Game 59 Recap: Uh….. so this was a fluke, right?

The Bruins haven’t been able to beat anyone on this road trip. Not anyone. Sure they’ve had leads at some points during the trip, but they weren’t holding any of them. They lost against one of the worst teams in the league, they hadn’t really played like a convincingly good team in longer than it’s possible to remember, and they were in Chicago to face one of the best.

So of course they won. Not by a little either, this thing was over by the second intermission. Mistakes that would’ve normally utterly killed the Bruins this year were completely swept under the rug by the team’s play ike it was back in all those years past where they cruised through the regular season like it was some sort of training camp for the playoffs. Sure Tuukka Rask just barely took a boneheaded delay-of-game penalty with less than five seconds to go in the 1st that lead to a goal off of the ensuing faceoff. And sure he accidentally axed Kris Versteeg in the leg during his traditional post-goal tantrum to instantly earn another penalty, but the Bruins actually survived it. And added more goals afterwards to ensure that any future mistakes didn’t cost them the game. And held off the opposing offense. On the road. I mean, what is going on here?!

Well, whoever these Bruins are, I hope they stay around because they are way more fun to watch than the team that can’t score and can’t defend and can’t goaltend and probably double-parks the team bus so it gets towed. They come home for a Tuesday night game against Vancouver. Is something actually going to come of this? Tune in!

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