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Bruins Game 54 Recap: Yikes.

Well, it would probably be presumptuous to say anything about what the last week means for the Bruins’ season. They’ve had ups and downs all year and they clearly aren’t the team that they were last season or the year before for whatever reason. Too young? Too slow? Too………… I don’t know, unable to score? Maybe I’m just frustrated watching Tyler Seguin play for the other side. Can we base our opinion of the team on one bad stretch? It seems as if the same issues the club has had all year are costing them games again.

It’s no fun watching them give up a shorthanded goal on a five-minute powerplay. It’s no fun watching them give up another later on. There were lots of ugly little moments during this game, but at least there were some moments we can be happy for? There was a comeback. There were some signs of life at least. That’s just the story of this year’s Bruins it looks like, they do well but just don’t seem like a complete team. Like they don’t appear to have any clear cut advantage over their opponents like they did in the past. They aren’t deep enough or experienced enough. They do have young players, of course. And they have some talented veterans. But the young players don’t seem quite like they’ve figured out enough to win at the highest level and the veterans can’t do it all on their own. Maybe in a year or two it all starts to work out?

Anyway, the team heads out on a long two-week road trip to meet a lot of very tough opponents (and the Oilers). Will this be a make-or-break sort of trip? Probably, to tell the truth. They need those points and this is a long road swing. First up is the Canucks on Friday night. Vancouver is just barely holding onto a spot in the west, much like the Bruins are in the east. How will this turn out? I don’t know, tune in!

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